Top WordPress Plugins That Connect Your Blog with Social Media Networks


Connecting to social media networks is a huge must for all WordPress bloggers that want to make something of their blogging activities. Existing outside the huge bubble made of important social network is like not existing at all, at least from the virtual point of view.


With WordPress being one of the most popular and practical platforms for bloggers out there, integrating access to social media networks is not only a necessity, it is also an easy to acquire purpose. The following WordPress plugins are guaranteed to link your blog to all the social networks out there.

Social Media Widget

Displaying your social media profiles in the same time may be a hurdle, if you do not know what you are doing. However, with Social Media Widget, all is done is a heartbeat, and you do not have to worry that your profiles are not integrated with your blog. A very interesting aspect of this plugin is that you can personalize the icons and the buttons for your profiles on social media networks, which means that you can make your blog more interesting and stand out more above the rest.


Just made available for WordPress platform, ShareBar is a great plugin that allows you to integrate links from social networks directly into your blog. This can be very useful as you can link to your favorite social networks without worrying about hard coding or anything remotely resembling to that. There are two ways of adding the buttons for social networks in your blog: in a vertical display, next to each post, or horizontally, just beneath them.

Digg Digg

Social sharing is part of today’s way of blogging, so you should not miss on this powerful WordPress plugin. The Digg Digg share bar can seriously increase your exposure on social networks, and some studies show that this increase can be of up to seven times your normal exposure. The plugin adds a floating bar that you can place for each of your posts, making it easy for readers to follow you on social networks as well.


Designed with the needs of social marketers in mind, Tweet2Download is one of the hottest WordPress plugins that were just introduced in 2012. What you do, when you use this specific plugin, is giving away content from your blog in exchange of a tweet or a follow. With Twitter being one of the fastest growing social networks out there, and one that is currently considered the trendiest, as well, you clearly need this plugin in order to stay in the books. The plugin works greatly with blogs that offer all kinds of music, articles, videos, pictures and so on, and it can be a powerful tool in the hands of a crafty social marketer.


It is not enough to get linked to all the social networks out there, you also need to know how well you do on these networks. SocialMetrics is the WordPress plugin that helps you observe how your posts are actually doing on the social networks of your choosing.

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