Bloggers and Hosting: Issues that Can Harm Your SEO

It is exciting to start blogging, the opportunities are infinite, and you are able to control what goes on around your posting, but, how much freedom and control you will truly have depends on the hosting services you choose.


Furthermore, it is important to know how the blogosphere works and what you can do to promote yourself and your blog as well. Learning SEO and knowing how to use all the benefits of it will take some time and practice, but in the end it is possible to utilize the secrets behind good blog SEO. One more thing you should keep in mind for good blogging is to be unique and original.

Site speed

Nobody likes a slow and unresponsive site, and that is why you should test the bandwidth beforehand to make sure that your site can handle the traffic. Having a lot of images or videos will certainly slow down your site, be careful with the sizes of the files you wish to upload, and consider tools to help you with file size management.

Also, if your site runs extremely slow, there is a good chance that the heavy load and low capacity can disable your site completely. If you have to deal with site downtimes, then it is time to consider a different hosting service or to invest a little bit.

Always do regular backups

BackupIf you are a small blogging website, remember to schedule regular backups as it is more likely that you will be hacked or that your account will be compromised. If you have a backup, it is easy to roll back to previous settings than it takes to fix the damage. Consider investing in security as well, especially if your site starts growing.

Bad IT support

Avoid support that only promises and does not deliver, especially if you need help when your site is down, and clients are trying to access it. It will give off a bad vibe and your image will drastically decrease.

Either learn the trade yourself, or investigate where to look for good IT support, however you decide remember to assess your security and support in case you notice something is off and if you need to look for someone else who can give you support.

Content SEO

The biggest issue you will have to deal with is of course to write original and engaging content, which will interest your future clients. Link building, tagging and meta tagging are things you should get familiar with, as soon as possible.


In order to be in the top of the search engine results, you will have to be the best of the best, and if you have the right technical support, then it is all up to what and how you write it.

Attention grabbing address

Having a unique and interesting address can also grab the attention of any client, and if you choose the right combination of address name and domain than soon enough users will stumble upon your site without you having to promote anything. However, all the short and good addresses are already gone, so you will have to be extremely creative to create something that people have not seen already.

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