3 Tips for Local Business : Creating Successful Landing Pages

When visiting websites, it’s important that it’s laid out correctly and visibly appealing to encourage us to stay. This is why one of the more important parts of your local business website is the landing pages. There are so many things you can do with a landing page to display your local business and gain new leads.

With the right layout, and correct information within a landing page, your local business should be able to attract many new customers and convert them into leads and paying consumers.

Keep landing pages straightforward, clear and to the point.

When it comes to creating a landing page for your website, you need to keep in mind what it is you’re using it for and what about it attracts the audience you intend on attracting. When considering what to include on a landing page, it’s important to keep your landing pages straightforward and to the point.

People who arrive at a landing page, or to any site really, should be able to quickly figure out what the page is about within a few sentences. If they find what they’re reading to be confusing, then they are more than likely to turn away and leave the page. Also, if there’s a certain topic or headline on the page, then the content within should pertain to the headline.

Use landing pages to share your products or services.

Landing pages can be used in a variety of ways. One way to use a landing page is by sharing some of your product upfront. This allows incoming traffic to view your product, maybe not in full scale, but enough to figure out whether or not your product is worth having. For example, many local businesses offer free trials to try and attract new customers and convert them into new leads.

Avoid ‘clutter’ within a landing page.

Landing pages shouldn’t be filled with clutter. Clutter can include anything from too much information, a lot of irrelevant information, too many links, and so forth. It can be overwhelming, especially when people know what it is they are looking for, but when they arrive at a site and can’t find it, they get aggravated and leave.  This is not something you want to happen. The landing page should only include what’s relevant and what it is people were searching for to begin with. They shouldn’t be navigated to the landing page if what they are looking for isn’t within the landing page itself.

Again, be sure you’re giving consumers what they want when landing on your page, which is relevant content, products and services based on their keyword search criteria. There are many ways landing pages can be used to generate new leads and share information; and with the right information within your landing page, and with the right layout (a nice, attractive, visibly appealing format) people will be pleased with what they find and continue onward throughout your site, thus possibly becoming new leads and conversions for your local business.

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