How to Adjust Excerpt Length on Thesis Home Page

Thesis is the best premium WordPress Theme which offers great features. But there is no way in theme option to change the excerpt size. But here I found an alternative to adjust teaser post length. Read this article to learn how to change excerpt length of teaser in thesis theme.

We can return the length in number of words contained in the excerpt. The default is 55. I’ve set it to 40 here, but you can set it to whatever you like. To change excerpt length on homepage, add the below code in custom_functions.php in Thesis Theme.

// Adjust Teaser Length in Thesis - Being Geeks
function teaser_length($length) {
return 40;
add_filter('excerpt_length', 'teaser_length');

That’s it. After adding above code in custom functions, refresh the website homepage and look for the teaser length. If it doesn’t satisfy you, simply adjust the size of number of words of above code depending on your need.

NOTE: Don’t forget to take a backup of custom_functions.php file before modifying it.

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