Select Reliable and Lightweight Portable Starting Units

Portable Starting Units

Most of us think very little about power except to flip a switch. If power isn’t automatic then they really think about it and not too happily. Some occupations don’t have the luxury to expect unlimited supply. Workers have to go in places where no power supply is available- they have to bring it with them.


Bringing Your Own Power

You’ve probably seen or at least heard of the movie or television show, M.A.S.H. Although an extreme example, these mobile army surgical hospital must have a steady power supply. Generators have to be versatile and reliable for that kind of power.

Other uses for portable power include starting engines for tanks, aircraft and trucks.

Portable units with capabilities for piston and turbine starting are available from companies, such as Start Pac.

Convenience is an added benefit when determining which portable starting unit is best for your purposes. Units that are convenient for the home base also have to be reliable for the field. This means you need a source that can last longer than the ordinary. Lithium batteries provide longer life than lead-acid batteries.

In addition, the latest technology produces lithium batteries that are are 42 percent lighter and 32 percent smaller than lead-acid batteries making them a solid choice.

Even the best batteries have to be recharged. Units that can quickly release one battery and attach the replacement battery within seconds ensure little interruption to field work. A few hours recharge time and an option for the charge to be accomplished via the vessel’s engine are features that add to a unit’s attraction.

Starting an engine is no small feat so having a turbine unit that can be used for starting engines up to 1500 horse power is desirable. Starting one engine is great, but the ability to start four to six engines between charges is even better.

Always, of course, find a company with superb customer service. Someone who can walk you through your ordering process and answer any technical questions about which unit is best for your purposes are musts to look for. Willing support staff ready to listen and offer product recommendations can make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

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