Cool SEO Customer Service Tools to Manage SEO Clients

SEO Customer Service Tools

It is imperative for SEO professionals to come out of their closet and build up an effective communication with the audience. It has become all the more important since all our hard work, determination and dedication may go unnoticed or may get buried deep under the frustration of the client or behind some silly mistakes that you have committed in the process.

SEO Customer Service Tools

As we are selling something unintelligible, where it takes months before the hard work starts paying off, we need to focus on building an unfailing communication with the clients as to make sure that they are aware of the hard works you are putting into their tasks.

Now, I am not here to moralizing on the benefits of building great communication rather I am here to show you some cool tools that can simplify the whole process and believe  me it is not going to be another good-for-nothing 10 tools kinda thing. Please go through it and I believe you will find one more arsenal to be inducted in your daily SEO chores:


This tool provides you a simple dashboard that lets you have a sneak-peak at how frequently you are interacting with people within your network. This is by and large a communications analytics dashboard and by getting your hands on this, you can be sure of one thing that you are responding to each client individually. So a flawless communication is what you can achieve with this remarkable tool.


Launched in 2010, it is one of those few tools that I am still using with no hard feeling. It is an awesome tool that simplifies the process of building a great communication with the targeted audience.  It lets you schedule emails to be sent later and if you wish you can set an email to be sent on a recurrent basis. There is an option that will send you a reminder via an email if you do not receive any response within a specified period of time.


This is a productivity app specifically designed for Gmail users. By integrating this app with your Gmail account, you will be able to convert emails to tasks. If you wish you can ask for collaboration via this application and set some recurring tasks so that you do not miss out on them in a hurry. Taskforce can be synched with other Google services that include Google calendar and Google tasks.


This is one of the few tools that I cannot live without. This tool shows all the details pertained to a person within your contact list right inside your Inbox. However, this tool has got a small chink in its armor. Yes, it can only be integrated with Gmail and that means, disappoint is waiting for the Outlook lovers.

Just open an email from any of your coworkers and you will have instant access to their social media profiles like – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and if this is not enough, you will have notification pertained to their latest tweets, Facebook updates, recent emails that he has sent to you. This gives you an access to what your contacts are interacting online. A simple way to figure out what is happening around you.

Followup CC

This is another powerful tool and to be honest even after using for two years so, I am still clueless how this thing works. Followup CC lets you include a dynamic email in the CC or BCC fields. Depending on the preset date, an email will be sent back to the sender. This is how it works – once you send an email to, it means that email will bounce back to your Inbox on Tuesday.

Screen capture Chrome Extension

When you are dealing with SEO clients, you will surely be using references of different websites. Rather than just sharing the URL of that website, you can spice up the whole experience of taking a snapshot of the website. There are options to mark them in circles, arrows etc.

Active Inbox

This is another Gmail productivity tool that lets you do some of the coolest things on earth like managing tasks from the sidebar, create actions right in the Inbox, add private notes on the conversation and there are dozens of shortcuts available to speed up your work.

Do you have a thing or two for programming, if then you should try this remarkable application. It can be integrated with almost every service you use to stay connected. With this tool, you will be able to create rule based tasks. Sounds a bit complex? Not of course. Take it this way. With this application you can set a rule like this – If Sam tag me in a photo in Facebook, get that photo uploaded in Dropbox.  A simple rule but saves hours of hard works.  Keep on exploring this beautiful tool and you will be in for a surprise.

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