Why Content Is King For SEO


Google’s recent de indexing of blog sharing sites is yet another indicator for those who haven’t’ already received the message loud and clear that they want good original content to be filling the web, not linked filled spam. There are people who believe that all content that is created for SEO automatically becomes spam once a backlink is added to it.


This however isn’t the case, as long as you create relevant and useful content that people will actually want to read and find helpful, interesting or entertaining then you are simply providing good content on your chosen subject and pushing the rubbish content further down which does everyone a big favor. So why is content King for SEO?

Good Content Is Genuine

If you are able to produce high quality content on the subject with which your business and website is associated then this indicates to Google and to web users that you are a good authority on that subject and that your website is relevant for related searches. When you produce good content either on your website or through articles, blogs, press releases etc. that is clearly aimed at providing useful information or advice on your industry for web users and not simply produced with Google and SEO in mind then it becomes clear to everybody that you are genuine and your business is worth taking a look at.

It’s Good To Be Unique

One of the main reasons that Google puts so much emphasis on high quality content is because they simply want the internet to be filled with good content that is original and gives people the information that they want. Google’s job is to give us the very best and most relevant results for our searches and so it’s pretty obvious that they will place more importance and value on good, unique content as opposed to duplicate content or spammy linked filled, anchor text heavy drivel which is designed to ‘beat the system’ that Google has in place to rank websites.

It Always Has The Customer In Mind

Let’s get back to the real reason that your website and the internet in general, is actually there for… to provide information, goods, services and products to users and consumers. If you are worried about whether your content is of a high quality or not then the most important thing to bear in mind is the customer.

Try not to worry about pleasing Google and gaining a better ranking, this can often be a losing game as Google regularly changes it algorithms and ranking factors to keep everyone on their toes. They want you to simply provide the best website you can for your customers, that’s it, so make sure your site is as user friendly, informative and helpful as possible and the rankings will follow. After all, there’s no point being ranked number one in search results if you can’t convert any of the visitors to your website into customers.

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