The Bad Effects Of Social Networking Websites


Social networking has really managed to change the way people live. It managed to change the way a business will grow and how info is gathered. Social connections are formed between various people who may live hundreds of miles apart who otherwise they have never met.


All this is possible because of social networking websites such as Twitter or Facebook. Unfortunately, social networking sites have also a dark side which is filled with abusers or stalkers.


One of the most common issues regarding social networking will be the ability for people to interact on a personal level. Various social sites like Twitter or Facebook will include a policy that you have to be at least thirteen years old to join; however, kids can simply change their own age when signing up. People will then connect with those children knowing that they are older.

Pedophiles have managed to target social websites the NABLA or North American Man has built web pages on Facebook for connecting with other people who support pedophilia. This type of groups will offer a place for members to be able to exchange child pornography or sale related information.


Stalking has become a very serious problem which also involves social networking websites. Social networking will offer abusive partners a method of monitoring their present partners, send threatening messages and also identify where they live or work. WomenAid, which is a domestic abuse hotline located in Ireland, has reported that abuse involving social networking has grown exponentially.

Once have managed to have a target, they started to use a new strategy named “doxing.” Doxing will involve collecting someone`s images, searching the online environment for any related account and e-mailing friends. The main goal is to put their hands on phone numbers or addresses of the victim. Stalkers will then be able to use this type of info to steal or even harm their victims.

Social Networking Disorders

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) released info in May last year that social networking may cause a specific form of depression which involves young individuals. The Facebook Depression term is considered a new social disorder, which will occur when kids or teenagers spend too much time on social networking websites and then show symptoms of depression. The Academy will suggest that some kids will feel envious of their new friends made on social websites. Kids who may already have a low self-esteem are a lot more likely to feel the effects of this type of depression.

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