Facebook Begins to Give Up Internet Explorer 7

As in August 2010 it was announced that Facebook stopped offering support for Internet Explorer 6 , now similar story repeating with next sibling in the chain of Internet Explorer. This time, the turn is for Internet Explorer 7 that is slowly beginning to be neglected by the social network.

While this is not yet official announcement, there are already some signs that show where it coming from. Primarily, the new “Timeline” that Facebook recently launched, simply can not be viewed in Internet Explorer 7, and in its place shows the old version of the feed of news and status updates. That if, so to some it may be a tragedy, for others it might be a simple solution if you liked that switching to the new Facebook and want to continue with the old.

Facebook in Internet Explorer 7 also has some minor compatibility issues (mainly with CSS), which would evidence that is gradually leaving out this version of Microsoft browser. In fact, in the same social network is “specified” (as well between quotation marks) that supported browsers are the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and Safari and clearly could not be considered new if it has more than five years of life.

The concept of life cycle is also met with browsers. And with just over 4% market share, it seems that the time is coming for IE7. Being Geeks recommends that you should use the most up-to-date version of Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

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