10 Benefits Of Integrating CMMS in Your Organisation


A Computerised Maintenance Management System or CMMS as it is shortly known is a computer software that has been developed to assist us in managing maintenance schedules effectively and efficiently to increase productivity. CMMS is also commonly referred to as the Enterprise Assets Management or EAM. The software automates the process of managing maintenance tasks and reduces the burden on your maintenance team.


There are loads of benefits in using a CMMS solution to automate maintenance management. Let’s discuss some of the advantages of implementing CMMS in your organisation.

Benefits Of CMMS?

The benefits of integrating a CMMS software in your organisation are countless. Lets discuss just a few below

  • Reducing overall downtime: CMMS assists your maintenance team in scheduling maintenance and performing the required preventive maintenance for your important equipments. These planned maintenance result in significantly lesser overall downtimes. Extended downtimes can become expensive for an organisation as production is halted. It can also affect the reputation of a brand.
  • Reduction in paperwork: CMMS solutions make use of computers and are digitally executed and thus it reduces paperwork within an organisation. The software will automatically handle reports and work progress periodically and thus there are no chances for misplaced reports or lost important documents.
  • Increase in productivity: Downtime is inversely proportional to productivity. That is, leser the downtime, more the productivity. All tasks can be linked to mobile devices and thus field staff can immediately access real-time information as and when required. Time wasted on doing mindless errands can be saved because of this.
  • Increase in safety: CMMS takes care of crucial preventive maintenance tasks on time, periodically. This makes sure that the equipments are much safer to operate for personnel. Periodic upkeeping of maintenance schedule will help in achieving the required safety standards.
  • Compliance with standards: Speaking of standards, CMMS also checks the adherence to local regulatory standards based on your location. Since it is digitally processed, extensive papers and reports need not be maintained. Reports can be generated instantaneously. This helps personnel in making sure that compliance to regulations is carried out to avoid unnecessary penalties.
  • Reduction in Overtime: CMMS software are designed to take emergency maintenance out of the equation. Periodic maintenance schedules are carried out to increase the efficiency of machines. This helps in reducing the overtime.
  • Improving Accountability: CMMS helps with the monitoring of how technicians function and evaluate their efficiency. Managers can also get instant alerts about the progress and completion of the work.

Added Benefits

  • Selective Training: When you use a CMMS software, it can help you with selectively training your staff. The software will identify people among your staff who needs more training and who can manage with the existing training.
  • Address productivity lags: Since all maintenance records are proper and are clearly monitored, it enables you to effectively point out productivity issues that might affect the organization. Some of the major causes of productivity lags like, wrong scheduling of shift change can be dealt with swiftly by using a CMMS software.
  • Managing Inventory: A CMMS software will assist your maintenance manager in effectively tracking the inventory of spare parts and take informed purchase decisions. This will make sure that the required spare parts are available when equipments need them. This will directly influence the time saved during emergency situations.


A CMMS software will augment the tasks of a human staff and help him do his job much more effectively. It is not a complete replacement for your human staff. A perfect fusion of advanced technology and humans cooperation can be a very productive venture. A CMMS tool helps you with just that.

I hope the benefits of CMMS listed in the article was convincing enough for you. Do you think a CMMS tool can have a positive effect on your organisation’s functionality? Do let us know your opinions through the comments. We’ll be glad to help you out if you have any doubts.

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