Moborobo : Manage Your Android or iPhone from PC

Everything seems great from the time you buy a new phone till the time you realize that there are lots of applications and vital data that needs to be copied. Good news comes towards the way of Android and iPhone users as transferring data have never been easier before.


Moborobo – All in one Smartphone PC Manager

Moborobo is an absolutely amazing application that facilitates Android and iPhone users to have better access and control over their smartphone data. It is a perfect application for users owning both phones as it effortlessly transfers contacts from iOS to Android and vice versa. This is just but one among hundred other useful stuffs that this all in one PC manager can do.


People either new to Android or recently migrated from iOS are most benefited from Moborobo as it makes syncing with their PCs much easier. The app lets users to create backup of their phone’s data such as music, pictures, videos, apps, contacts and text messages.

Users who are planning to buy a new phone need not take the unnecessary burden of downloading and installing apps all over again. Simply making use of Moborobo will take care of all the basic criteria and allow users to download and install apps from PC to their Android device directly.

Download & Install Apps

Mobile operators and vendors using both iOS and Android can find downloading apps to be a very simple and easy task. The newly introduced Android Download Center helps users to download and install apps from PC to their Android/iOS device. And as said before, uploading data like contacts and games from their previous smartphone model to their newly purchased device have been made much simpler with the help of Moborobo.

Furthermore, the application not only allows Android users, but also iPhone users to manage, transfer and download resources such as Apps/Games, Wallpapers and Ringtones.


Added features are the APP Batch Download/ Install tags that allow smartphone vendors and telecom operators to install apps to the app library of their newly purchased Android device in a batch wise manner. This eliminates the tedious work of individually installing apps to a new device.

Save On Mobile Data Charges

What makes Moborobo more special is the benefit of no tariff loss or internet data usage in your phone. This is so because download of apps and games only takes place in their PC which can then be easily installed to their Android smartphones or tablets. Hence, the process is totally free of 3G tariff usage.

Above all, Moborobo comes with its own official App Market application called the Mobo Market. This one-stop app store provides a very good alternative to Google Play Market and even iTunes. With a wide range of resource and useful features available, this app market lets its users to do quite a lot of stuffs. Not just to be used as a downloader and installer of apps and games, Mobo Market can also function as a medium to have access to unlimited wallpapers, images, themes and more.

Such is its programming and design that users can now manage everything in their Android or iPhone through their PC itself. This gives them an edge over manually operating their smartphone as can access and manage data’s much faster through their PC.

Backup & Restore

Besides its impressive functioning capability and use, Moborobo seems essential because of its powerful backup and restore ability. Added features include a fully functioning file manager that guides smartphone users to explore everything available in their phone.

Along with that, users can directly send text messages through their PC. Finally, Moborobo also supports both Wi-Fi and USB connections. This way user can access their phone data from almost anywhere.

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