Outsell, Outmarket and Outsmart the Competition with PROS

The ability to gain a competitive sales edge is what makes a company thrive. Those who outperform others are able to see opportunities that others don’t, allowing them to take advantage of the market. PROS helps to give companies the sales data and analytics they need to be able to outsell their competition.


By increasing sales analytics and effectiveness, your company is given a unique opportunity to succeed in a competitive marketplace. PROS services’ allow companies to gain insight in their operational data and product pricing, so they can better understand their sales. PROS helps to provide customer insights on your company trends.

With the help of PROS, you can predict sales opportunities and figure which offers are likely to be accepted based on prior performances. Analyzing your data on your own can be a hassle. PROS uses easy-to-read images to display your data in a concise manner. This saves you time and allows you to look at your data instantly, rather than spending hours compiling it every time you want to analyze your performance.

PROS also has 27 years of experience with data. Their expert solutions are designed to give you the numbers you need to make good, accurate market predictions.

With PROS solutions, you can outsell, outmarket, and outsmart the competition. By mining big data to reveal buying patterns and identifying attributes that drive customers’ preferences, PROS turns your data into a competitive advantage and provides actionable insights about your markets and customers. We put you ahead of the competition by guiding you to opportunities that will close, offers that will sell, and prices that will win.

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