VLC media player for Mac Application Review

Here is the review of VLC media player for Mac .Today I will be writing like a common, simple user who doesn’t know how to deal with software problems while enjoying multimedia. Speaking frankly, I can hardly imagine a human being who doesn’t watch movies on his or her Mac, or listen to music, or whatever.

And (surprise!) it sometimes is really hard to find a normal player for everyday usage, because they have permanent problems. Why the hell so? Why can’t enterprises develop a normal, quick-working, not lagging player that would enable me to watch films without thinking about the coding, encoding, and other amenities of watching films in a special format?

Nowadays many people are tired of unwanted, senseless applications that rush like a flow to the market and that promise to solve any problems with video and audio we have. And I am actually tired as well – if you do make an application, make it right, don’t put in a foul code inside, owing to which I have severe problems with my system and have to restore or reinstall it after deleting your app. There are a lot of such complaints, and still I haven’t seen a single normal player that would enable a common user (not a system administrator or a software engineer, but a common, general user) to watch films without headache.

At last I have found it. At first I didn’t believe it myself and thought that the app is going to fail right now but no, it works like a Swiss watch; perfectly, silently, simply and with all things I need from a video player. Its name is VLC media player for Mac, and I suppose it is the best of video players I have met in the market.

First of all it eats ANYTHING you give to it. It doesn’t really matter what kind of video format you’re using because the codecs in the player are working absolutely perfectly, and they process without any problems any kinds of video files you give to the player starting from simple .avi files, and ending with cunning Blu-ray quality films of unknown horrible formats. I am a simple user, and this fact is really important to me because I don’t have to go to Google for the reasons that make my Mac or my player not to read a particular file.

The second is installation. VLC media player for Mac installs in a moment, without any kinds of complicated adjustments that I don’t understand, with no horrible warnings and other junk I hate so much in many Apple Store applications. You hit “Install”, you wait, and you hit “finish” – that is all.

One more pro for those who do like uncomplicated installations and uses of software. The third one will be interesting for those who really do know how to adjust video players for correct playing of media. Here I will stop thinking like common user and I will speak for myself; and the one thing I can tell is that the adjustments level is gorgeous.

It has literally everything you need, everything ANYONE needs starting from a common user, whom I pretended to be a minute ago, and ending with a user who works professionally with video processing. Personally I am in the second group, and I haven’t found a thing that would disappoint me.

This whole set of factors makes me think that VLC media player for Mac is one of the best players I have ever dealt with. It is perfect both for newbies and for experienced users who are looking for a good alternative to their current video players.

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