4 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Hosting For Your ECommerce Site

ecommerce hosting

Ever since the advent of the Internet, its commercial potential was clearly there for everyone to see. Ecommerce hosting is big business with some of the biggest companies in the world dabbling in it to some extent or the other.

ecommerce hosting

However, the dot-com bubble of the late 90s has shown that it is just as possible to lose money on the Internet, as it is to gain some. Here are the top 4 mistakes to avoid for those indulging in e-commerce web hosting:

1. Lack of focus

An e-commerce site is run with a definite purpose; straying away from that purpose amounts to a lack of focus, which can have disastrous results. It would be no good if an e-commerce site specializing in selling things does not have any sales. If the website is more focused on providing information about a product than actually making a sale, then it has clearly failed to achieve its intended goal.

A customer can happily learn more about a product from the informative site and proceed to buy the product from a competing site. Not only does a site like this never make a profit, it is actually doing all the competitions’ hard work for them.

2. Taking a break

E-commerce web hosting is competitive business and websites are being modified daily. The biggest mistake an e-commerce site can make is to take a break, rest on its laurels and stop development. Even the most successful e-commerce sites can collapse if they decide to halt development, even for a temporary period. The old saying “you snooze, you lose” is apt for the world of e-commerce web hosting.

3. Non-existent or poor marketing

Whether online or off, every business is driven by their success in marketing. Business owners like to avoid thinking that marketing gimmicks are responsible for a site’s success, and not the hard work put behind it or the excellent products available. However, no e-commerce site owner is foolish enough to accept that their venture can survive without proper marketing.

Of course, spending loads of money on marketing campaigns does not ensure visibility. A poorly designed and executed marketing campaign is the same as taking buckets of money and feeding it to the fireplace.

4. Bad security

You’d think that if there is one thing that e-commerce web hosting services take seriously, it has to be online security. However, you would be surprised at the number of websites that lack the necessary security precautions. As hackers get smarter and have access to better technology, basic security steps are not enough to ensure a secure e-commerce site.

If people cannot trust an e-commerce site, it is very unlikely that they will ever return. Moreover, a security breach often heralds the beginning of the end for an e-commerce site.

Choosing the correct e-commerce web hosting service is often the difference between a successful venture and an unmitigated disaster. Avoiding the 4 biggest mistakes mentioned is only a start. However, steering clear of these obstacles provides a strong base upon which to build a successful e-commerce site.

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