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Since most Windows programs do not have the option to capture images while watching a video. It is better to have a program like this that does the same thing, capture images of your videos. Video Image Grabber is a Free application and it’s a portable, to capture images from your videos in a very easy way.

Video Image Grabber allows you to take almost any video capture that can be played by Windows Media Player . In a very simple way you can capture images from any point where the video has played.

As per official blog :

If you want to use snapshots of videos in your presentations and documents, you might have already figured out that making a simple screen capture does not work, because you’ll end up with a black image!(This works better on Windows 7 but not on previous Windows versions.)  Mangold’s Video Image Grabber lets you make snapshots from almost any video which can be played in your Windows Media Player.

You can open any file format like MPEG , AVI, DivX, Xvid, WMV to name a few. Play the video at any position you want to capture. Press the camera button to capture and save the selected image. You can set the location the screenshots are saved to the hard drive.

I hope Video Image Grabber software will help you to grab the images from your favorite videos for your personal use.Download the Video Image Grabber from the following link and let us know what you guys think about this software. Video Image Grabber is FREE FOR USE by anyone.

Download Video Image Grabber

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