5 iPhone Apps for Shopping Advantages

Here they are – iPhone apps for shopping. If you have reluctantly abandoned the bustle of real-world shopping in favor of online purchases, there is exciting news! Mobile technology is putting the best of Internet conveniences in the palm of your hand.

Shopping can, once again, be enjoyable with these smartphone applications designed to make price comparison, couponing and mall navigation easy.So here are 5 top iphone apps for shopping, have a look and let us know what do you think.

1. Red Laser

Many savvy shoppers price their merchandise before they leave the house, but what if you spot something unexpected? Red Laser is a free app for Android and iOS phones that turns your device’s camera into a bar code scanner. When you scan, Red Laser provides price information for local and online retailers.

This allows you to find the least expensive price without shopping around. Stores design their aisles with end-cap displays and other eye-catching attractions to encourage you to buy on an impulse. Avoid these often-costly purchase decisions with Red Laser.

2. Coupon Sherpa

This app is for consumers who would love to use coupons but are disinterested in clipping, organizing and carrying them about. Coupon Sherpa is a free application that allows iPhone users to search for relevant coupons and redeem them at the store, saving money on the full purchase price.

The app displays a numeric code or scannable image that a cashier can input during check out for instant savings. The Coupon Sherpa app is coming to Android and Blackberry devices soon.

3. Key Ring

Are you like many shoppers that have a purse full of store loyalty cards? Many consumers have a multitude of cards from various retailers, taking up space in their wallet or on their key chain. The Key Ring app stores each of your cards on your Android, iOS or Blackberry device. Scan your collection and show your cashier your loyalty card for his or her store right on the screen of your smartphone. No more fumbling and no more forgetting!

4. Sale Saver

Many people cannot easily calculate percentages. For the majority of consumers, a sale is simply that–a way to spend less on an item. Often, shoppers are lured in to spending more than they expected on multiple items because they feel they are getting a great price. Sale Saver is an iPhone app that takes the guesswork out of percentage discounts. Stop doing mental math to find out how much you will pay for your purchases.

Sale Saver allows you to input the pre-sale price and the percentage by which it is marked down to compute a total price. It even adds tax, so there are absolutely no surprises. Sale Saver is available ad-free for $1.99, but a free version is available with advertisement support.

5. FastMall

Have you ever found yourself lost in a shopping mall, looking for Macy’s or Yankee Candle? FastMall is an Android and iPhone application that has maps of over 1250 malls around the globe. Never again spend time staring at a mall directory reading, “You are here.” With FastMall, you will know exactly where you are.

Turn-by-turn navigation ensures that you find a route to an individual store, the food court or the nearest restroom. Maps for malls cost between $0.99 and $2.99 each.

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