Hosting Advice For New Bloggers

It seems these days that everybody wants to be a blogger. Intentions aside, be it a profit motive or just the simplicity of wanting to be heard, or the altruistic – to make a dent on humanity’s discourse on any given topic. Whatever the impetus, the end result is fantastic. The more bloggers there are in the world, the better it is for everyone. Why? Because one person’s experiences are never in isolation, somewhere out there on this big blue marble is another that has faced the same predicament.

The law of numbers dictates that as humanity barrels past the seven billion mark in terms of population, more people will have similar experiences and blogging is the best way for us to connect the dots.


The web attracts  a large number of bloggers daily to start on their new expedition. The more they chime in, the more the bells ring around the world with experiences being shared. All this can only happen when the blog is hosted well. It is something that many new bloggers overlook. Many bloggers forget that the hosting service is where the blog is made or broken.

Poor Uptime

If the hosting service has a very poor uptime record, it makes it harder for your readers to experience your mind. But more than that, the more times the blog is down, the worse it is going to be for the search engines to rank you effectively. If they keep seeing the site offline, in short time, they will move on. So will your customers.

Overloaded Servers

If the hosting service has overloaded their servers with too many sites and the server keeps crashing or the bandwidth is shared so much that getting to your blog is a hassle, the readers will move away. It is not difficult these days for just about anybody, even you, if you wish to start a server business. Just buy a reseller hosting package and you are free to host anyone.

And there are lots of people doing that. What happens though when the person decides to move on. Or, forgets to pay the bill and your service is interrupted? Havoc! For this reason alone, do not sign up with the first sweet sounding hosting site that comes along. Go to a name brand that has been around for some time and look for reviews.

Go to a search engine and key in ‘hosting reviews’ and look through the results. Understand what others have to say about each service then mitigate the facts with the cost. Never the other way around.

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