Beginners Can Try Out These Photoshop Tips And Tricks

Photoshop is an indispensable software to a web design company New York. With its various tools, a designer can express his or her creativity in the best way possible. It is also a great tool for retouching photographs before you post them to a social networking site or some place else.

If you are a budding designer or are interested in the wonders that the software is capable of performing, read on. Following are a few tips and tricks that can help you perform with Photoshop tools better. Please note that the following short-cuts have been phrased on for PC users.


When you want a change in an image, like, you want to rotate, distort or flip it; you can do so by going to edit and then clicking on Transform and selecting the action that you desire. There’s a short-cut that you can use to make life easier- press Ctrl+T on your keyboard. After you do this, a bounding box appears around the image, indication the transformation.

With this you can resize an image by placing the cursor on one of the rectangular corner and then dragging the same while you hold the Shift key. Once you are done, press Enter and you are good to go.


In order to flip an image horizontally or vertically, you need to press Ctrl+T and then right click your mouse. This is followed by the appearance of a pop up window, with a few options for flipping and rotating the image. Choose the action that you want to perform and press Enter once you are done.

Similarly, in order to distort an image, you need to press Ctrl+T, followed by placing the cursor on the corner that you want to distort. Make sure you press Ctrl while you hold your mouse down on the corner and drag it down to where to want. Press Enter to activate the change.

Alter the measurement unit

A quick way to switch between measurement units is to place the cursors on a ruler and right click, and choose a new unit from the context menu. There’s a wide variety of units, ranging from centimetres to pixels, point, millimetres, etc.

Magnetic Lasso Tool

This is a tool that can be used to trace and outline a certain part of an image, and separate it from the rest of the latter in order to execute some actions. For instance, with the lasso tool you can choose and separate a product from its background.


With this tool you can detect the edges of a certain object; hence, it can be of great use when you have to deal with a bold contrast between an object and its background with properly defined edges. This tool can be found in the tools panel.

In order to access the tool, you need to click and hold your mouse on the lasso tool until you see a fly-out menu. It is the last tool with a small magnet on its icon. Choose it and then go to your image and place the mouse on the edge of the part that you want to choose. Click the mouse once, release and go over the edges of the object that you want to choose.

Magic Wand Tool

This tool is sworn upon by any web design company New York.It is ideal when you are working with a background that is consistent or has a monotone. If you have a particular colour that you want to use in an image, this is the tool that you should use. For instance, the Magic Wand can be very useful when you want to choose a white background or a blue sky.


Choose the tool from the panel and place it on the part of the image that you would like to alter. Make sure that you have toggled the option of “add to selection” on the top of the bar, so that you can continue adding tones and colours to your selection.

The tools discussed here are used by professionals working in a web design company New York as well as amateurs. Try them out, you will surely love the wonders that they produce.

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