20 Examples of Black and White Business Cards

Business cards, as we all do know are a part of our image in the eyes of our client. Business cards help us portrait the efficient and professional services by making a visual conversation with the customer.  As business cards act as the most cost effective marketing tool, they need to be professionally designed.

Due to the limit of designing being infinite, Business cards can be of any size, color and design but they be able to able to pass on your brand value to the viewers.  During the 80’s business cards were all-so-basic made in rectangular shapes and mostly using black and white colors; now-a-days there are colorful and unique business cards of various sizes and shapes.

Imagining a life without colors makes us feel so uncomfortable and dark inside and this calls for the need for colors, but what if I told you that the most amazing business cards can be made out of the 2 most basic colors- black and white; yeah they might sound all so shark and dull to you but they help you give a professional and serious look to the card.

This does not mean that designing is not so important, but just that the most influence is laid upon by just black and white. Choosing black and white over the wide and vibrant range of colors saves us the trouble of the most time consuming act- the color selection of a business card. Black is also preferred due to its ability to cast the experienced and sophisticated properties to the masses.

Business cards are a very promising and efficient way to drive clients along your way. The dark shade of black over a white sheet attracts clients and makes the provider look promising about the delivery of service. Too many colors might even keep drawing the viewer’s attention to the other aspects but a black and white business content primarily focuses on the content and does not lead the attention t be driven away.

Although there are so many great examples of business cards available out in the market as business cards printing is everywhere, we bring to you our 20 favorite picks from the collection of black and white business cards, make sure to be inspired and collect ideas the below given;

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