Flash Games Taking it to Mobile

Flash games have been one of the most popular time wasting distractions on the internet. Recently, some of the developers of such games have realised that they can re-invent previously ad-supported (and hence free to play) games as paid products in the new smartphone app market; with games the fastest selling mobile apps by a long stretch, it’s a huge market waiting to be tapped.

Here are a few Flash games that have successfully made the leap to mobile game.

Catapult Madness

The ‘throw something as far as you can’ game genre is by definition fairly limited in scope. Taking inspiration from Toss the Turtle and Learn to Fly, Catapult Madness makes a decent attempt to liven things up with a bit of humor and some decent graphics. You must load a peasant into your catapult and try to fire him as far as possible, avoiding trolls and other obstacles. You can play Flash games online for free or on the iPhone for $0.99.

Siege Hero

A neat physics puzzle game with a passing resemblance to the smash hit Angry Birds, Siege Hero is widely available to play online for free, and there are two iPhone versions in the App Store. The free version acts as a taster for the $0.99 full version that comes with many more levels. Knocking over ninjas in wooden towers has never been so fun. Angry Birds addicts looking for their next fix could do much worse than to check this one out.

Crush The Castle

Somewhere between Catapult Madness and Siege Hero lies the beautifully presented Crush The Castle. Taking control over a medieval trebuchet, the player must attempt to destroy castle after castle, upgrading their projectiles as they go. With a fully featured Flash version available online, as well as Android and iPhone versions, it’s a slightly more way to get into the physics game genre than some of its more cartoony competitors. Online for free or $0.99 in your pocket (does that sound familiar yet?) it’s one of our favorites flash games.


Compulse is an interesting example of a game – free to play online – that’s had an extensive makeover before appearing as a paid mobile game. Simple to play, the player places blocks on the screen that alter the movement of a dropped ball. The mobile version features a much more modern – reminiscent of the Geometry Wars – look than the Flash game it’s based on. In our opinion it’s simple, addictive, and well worth the asking price. Unlike the other flash games here, we don’t recommend judging it based on the free version!

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