Travel Gadgets for 2012

The technological market is always changing around the world at an astronomical pace. It is hard to stay on top of it all, but here is a list of a few of the key travel gadgets that are hot right now:

1. Samsung Galaxy S3

The Android operating system offers you the best ways to get you safely around the globe, with its locating applications for restaurants, landmarks, tourist attractions, and state of the art 3GS navigation.

2. The Latest Macbook Air

Sleek, smooth and easy to pack – the Macbook Air is a must for any travel enthusiast that is up to date with technological progress. Especially for those of you who take lots of photos (I know I do), your Macbook Air will be your best friend as you back up all those memories that you make along your trip.

3. i’M watch

The i’M watch is a serious cool and breathtaking piece of futuristic technology. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to your Smartphone, and has a small colour screen on it so that you can see all your latest emails and texts. It is for those that need to be constantly in touch with the business world because of the nature of their work, even when they are taking a break.

4.  Powerbag

It has in-built charges and cables for all your smart devices and your laptop, so that you will never run out of power. Does any more need to be said? A life changing investment.

5. SpareOne Phone

If you are planning to travel to remote areas to site see, or are doing any extreme sports or exercise in isolated alpine areas, this phone could be a good choice. It only uses one, yes, just ONE AA battery and with that you get up to 10 hours talk time. On top of all that, it has an estimated shelf life of over 10 years, and works with a series of different mobile networks around the globe. To avoid unexpected charges – just load it up with a local prepaid card as soon as you reach your desired destination.

6. UWater G4 Chrome MP3 Player

One of the smallest MP3 players out – so its compact and easy to store. As well as that it is 100% waterproof and salt water resistant, so depending on how into your music you are, even if you are swimming, or scuba diving, you can still listen to your favourite track!

If you’re one of those people who would rather rent a fridge and hire their other appliances and spend their cash buying all the latest trendy gadgets, the above list are things you need to be looking at this season. Of course, if you’re heading off on holidays but don’t want to buy an expensive gadget outright, you can consider services like Flexirent to help you lease the latest gadgets before outlaying big sums of cash to buy them outright.

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