Samsung’s New phone Huron laden with Windows Phone 8 OS

Year in and out, there are so many new updates that the world is introduced to where mobile phone technology is concerned. Samsung is the most popular tech brand in the world with many different subsidiaries throughout the world.


With so many amazing and sleek as well as unique mobile phones, designed by Samsung available for sale all over the world, there have been rumors and some pictures of the new Samsung Windows phone 8 that the brand is preparing to launch. Including hardcore Samsung fans, there are so many people who are extremely happy about this news.

Currently on the website of Samsung, there is a picture of a phone with a user agent profile which makes these rumors quite true. This device listed to be the innovation of the Samsung Windows Mobile Lab comes designed with its default browser being Internet Explorer.

There are also some details about the phone with model number SM-W750V which has got some other companies in the same league quite scared. Samsung is one company that always gets it right and this is why they are loved by many all over the world.


Some features and display

For one, this new Windows 8 phone comes with a 1,080 x 1,920 display and offers quality display viewing which makes usage and navigation so much fun. Also, it is LTE supported. It is also revealed that, a mobile phone with the same SM-W750V model number has been given approval by the Bluetooth SIG.

For more flexibility and clarity, this phone is designed to come with 5 inch screen size, which makes its usage so much fun. Although Samsung has always had a cordial partnership with Windows phone OS, its main aim has been hit the Android world. This new Windows 8 phone if launched by Samsung will be one of the best innovations in the world has ever seen judging from some reports being made known.

Samsung’s preparation to enter the Android market big time

Over the years, Samsung has only launched some few Windows mobile phones with its focus more on the Android market than the Microsoft mobile operating system for their various smart phones. It is expected that this move or launch is made this year to give all Samsung device lovers so much to love and also treasure.

Today, the news is out and almost every lover of the mobile phone world itches and is also looking forward to what new features this phone will have to offer. There have also been reports earlier on which suggest that, Microsoft has made available an amount of $1 billion, which is equivalent to £608 million motivation to initiate this launch but still want Samsung to continue work on other Window phone operating systems.

Apart from Samsung, there are other companies that are also making plans to launch Windows 8 phone devices and Sony is one of them.

What Samsung and Windows phone 8 Duo can offer?

Most people who have never used a Windows 8 phone do not get why there is so much noise being made about Samsung and its plans to launch one. There are quite a number of features that this Samsung Windows 8 phone will come with which makes it a must to own.

The features that Windows phones 8 come to our life saving and they help in making many things easier in this world of technology. You, however, need to be conversant with Windows phone 8 to fully maximize your use of this phone should in case you buy one when it has been launched and made available for sale.

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