7 Big Reasons Why Many Bloggers Can’t Monetize Their Blog

Monetize Their Blog

Why many bloggers can’t make money with their blog? There are many people who are failing miserably with their blog. Are you one of them? If you have a problem in earning good income from your blog, then you should understand the reasons why most people can’t monetize their blog.

Monetize Their Blog

Here are 7 big reasons why many bloggers can’t monetize their blog:

1. They are not dedicated bloggers

I will put dedication in the first list of reasons why bloggers can’t make money blogging. Don’t call yourself a blogger if you can’t blog or don’t have a spirit of a true blogger. A true blogger will have a dedication to his blog. He will not stop unless he sees success with his blog. Most people who aren’t making money with their blogs are the ones who neglect the importance of their blog. They are not dedicating their time to grow their blog.

2. Their blogs are too young to make money

How can you monetize your blog if it doesn’t have good amount of traffic? The answer is you can’t. You can’t make money with your blog if you don’t have regular visitors coming to your blog. But, most people try to monetize their blog too soon. They only publish 5 posts and now they want to make money with their blog. This is a big mistake. It is better for you to wait for three months and focus on building content rather than rushing to make money with your blog. You can’t do that.

3. They don’t have patience

Success in blogging is about patience. Most successful bloggers wait for years before they can reap the reward from their blog. They create a new blog, nurture it, drive traffic to it, and a few years later, the blog is making thousands of dollars per month. It’s all about patience. If you don’t have patience, you shouldn’t blog. Blogging is the same with any other businesses. You need to nurture it to grow and bring good fruits.

4. Their blogs are about personal matters

If you want to make money with your blog, don’t make a personal blog. Most people are hoping to make money with their blog by writing about their personal life story. Honestly, there will be very few people who are interested with your daily life. We all have our own life story, and people don’t care about others’ life story. If you want to earn money with blogging, you have to help people and make a commercial blog. Shoot a niche, and promote a product. That will give you a better chance to make money blogging.

5. They don’t know how to attract traffic

Without traffic, your blog will be a waste of resource. You will spend your time writing your blog posts without anyone reading them. So, aside from your writing, you should be able to attract traffic to your blog. There are many methods that you can implement in order to attract traffic to your blog: backlinking, SEO, social media promotion, paid advertising, guest posting, and so on. Content building is important, but traffic building is also equally important.

6. They don’t know how to retain visitors

You need to make your blog as interesting as possible so that people will feel comfortable reading your blog day by day. You don’t want to attract only one-time visitors. You want to attract lifetime visitors. Those visitors are your lifeblood. They are the symbol of your success in blogging. Most people can’t make money with their blog because they can’t retain their visitors. In other words, they have boring blog so that most of their visitors are only one-time visitors.

7. Their blogs are no different from other blogs

If you want to stand out in the blogging world, make your blog different from other blogs that already exist in the blogosphere. There are millions of blogs out there. If you’re trying to be the same, then people can’t see you. You have to strive to be unique in your blogging way. Be a unique blogger so that you can stand out from the crowd. Uniqueness will help you to attract sticky visitors to your blog.

Those are the big reasons why people can’t monetize their blog. You should understand the reasons above in order to start changing your luck with blogging.

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