Content the New King- Importance of Relevant and Original Content

Search Engine Optimization content writing is a method of generating optimized content to aim niche viewers & also create valuable data so that both the viewers and search engine systems can appreciate. Good written content will elevate page ranking & content relevancy for efficient search engine hits.

content is king

Few of this content contain phrases or keywords, length of the article, positioning of keywords and phrases, and the amount of times keywords are used. With professional content writer’s services, the business will eventually end up getting more web publicity. By getting more web publicity to the business website, one will also fetch in more customers.

The three most effective search engines online are, Bing, Google and Yahoo! Google and Bing have their own search systems, whereas Yahoo!’s supplies data from Bing. All search engines have a critical role in pouring in traffic to the business website and content writers can make it happen with relevant content writing.

With the internet becoming a essential part of everybody’s lives every day, it’s not astonishing that it’s a fantastic place to search for help with use of web content, blogs and SEO material. High quality written articles are rich in original content, and contain proper keyword density. Below are points to be considered while Hiring/ writing SEO content writing.

1. Well SEO content writers should show proof that they can get results.

2. Content writers should have concrete understanding & knowledge of the importance of keyword density and be familiar with the most respected keyword research tools and strategies.

3. Their writing quality should also be consistent across the board.

4.  The writing must be original content and should be written for people first and search engine second. If a technique that works good for search engines but not for people, then writing and using technique that are people oriented helps a lot.

Along with the above points the business owner must also consider few things. The quote “content is king” stands true to a company’s website. There are few points that should be kept in mind while writing the content.

  1. Content should keep viewers entertained.
  2. It should be informative.
  3. Using lists rather than long paragraphs helps.
  4. It should be able convert viewers to buyers (sell the product).
  5. Use of bold, heading tags and emphasis on HTML tags to highlight keyword phrases is another way to increase SEO.
  6. It should be able to increase the average time spend on the page. Use of internal links and related search article links is also beneficial.
  7. It should make the viewers satisfied with the content.
  8. It can also contain images and videos to make the reading bright. Use of images, rich media and info-graphics should be made
  9. It should be user-focused and optimized.
  10. Search engines work through LSI (latest semantic indexing), that classify the relationship among words in the content. Content should have related keywords and synonyms of keywords. Related keywords can be found using Tilde (~) prior to any keywords in Google’s search queries.
  11. Thorough and in depth content about a topic is always better for SEO.
  12. Apart from above tips few points, if the content is about products or services, inclusion content what the viewer is looking for. Writing about area of expertise, price, attributes and competitive advantages of products and services helps in SEO.
  13. Today’s world is a social place. Content should create a buzz on social media. Viewers always look for distinct content and information. So make the website and content that creates a positive buzz on social media sites.
  14. Try to optimize title and snippets in content. 90% of the users are attracted by subject or title. If appropriate and catchy titles are use then webpage CTR will increase. Using of author’s background, feedbacks, testimonials, rating and other rich snippet attributes to the content.

Currently outsourcing SEO content writing services is the newest drift in internet marketing. Many SEO corporations are today outsourcing content writing services. Thеѕе content writing services engross mainly in maintaining the exclusivity of the website and providing first hand fresh content. Thіѕ enables the website to have exceptional position on search engines further increasing the business & clientele.

Outsourcing is gaining much importance because of the truth that it is cost effective. India is a hub for content writing services. SEO content writing activities are outsourced to India in admirable number because India has many professionals who are proficient in various writing topics as well as techniques.

SEO Content writing is a strong backbone for many business organizations that are having online presence. Many businesses benefit from using this type of service and certainly increase returns over a period of time. After all, the more visitors to a site, the more interest developed & the more purchases of product or services.  Simple & easy.

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