Why Blackberry is the Best Business Smartphone

Blackberry has given a new definition to the cellular phones and it has become a rage in the youth of today. Black berry is a smart phone developed by a Canadian company in 1999.  It is like a life savior for the businessmen who have to travel in many places and have to deal with many people of different countries.

You have an email facility and it simplifies other facilities of the cellular phones. Blackberry is considered to be a business phone but now it’s no longer that expensive and people are using them for their personal use also.

Even the kids, computer users, hackers and consumers use blackberry. Blackberry is for everyone now and is considered to be the coolest gadgets. Black berry is a gorgeous phone and is a status symbol now-a-days. In your friend circle the one with a blackberry phone gets more attention and teenagers use it to impress their opposite sex. Black berry phones are classy and you will have a feel good factor when you own a blackberry phone. You must have seen your friends flaunting away their blackberry phones and writing status updates on social networking site like “I own a blackberry”

Why should you go for blackberry?

  • Black berry is just like a mini computer and is much smaller in size than your laptop. It can easily fit in your pocket or you can even clip it on your belt. It is sleek and light weight which makes it easy to carry.

  • It has a long battery life .You are out for some business tour or some placement drive or any other urgent work and you forgot to charge your battery last night. You don’t have to worry about your phone going off that too in a situation where you wanted to make an important call. It will be there for you and keep you going.

  • With the help of Blackberry messenger you can message any person who has a blackberry phone at absolutely no cost and that too in any corner of the world.

  • You can choose your favorite keyboard with the blackberry. Black berry is available with a small keyboard, large keyboard, candy bar, flip phone and no keyboard.

  • Blackberry works on almost all carriers and there are some carriers like Verizon and sprint in which there is very less international roaming charges and you can have unlimited international calling with the help of a blackberry. You can also run the Skype software on your blackberry which helps in international calling free of cost.

  • You have some other amazing applications free of cost like Google voice and sling free of cost.

  • You can have any number of entries in your address book. It will not get slow even if you have thousands of them and it has excellent sorting features like you can sort your contacts  according to the company names and you can see which person works for which company.

  • It is compatible with all types of browsers.

  • It has an expandable memory.

Curve 9380, bold 9790, curve 9360, are some nice blackberry phones available.

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