Learn Spanish with iPhone Apps

Now you can learn Spanish with following iPhone apps. Learning another language is a difficult task, and we can use all the help and practice we can get. If you can’t afford a Spanish course or tutor, Spanish apps can be a great way to begin your adventure into learning the Spanish language.

They are also a great way to supplement your studies in Spanish, and can help you ace your next exam. Here are some iPhone apps to Learn spanish that will help beginners and intermediate students strengthen their knowledge.

1. El Mejor Ahorcado

This game combines learning and fun. It is the game hangman that children often play to learn new vocabulary, and it works just as well with Spanish words. We often waste our time playing with apps on our fun, so why not learn something out of it. This app is affordable, coming in at 99 cents.

2. Basic Spanish for Dummies

The “for dummies” is a popular series and has covered the rudiments of so many topics, and is a great place to start for the basics of anything. This does not preclude Spanish, at 99 cents it is a cheap and easy way to start. The program gives you the basic vocabulary you would need to function if you lived in a Spanish country- directions, greetings, expression, time, etc. If you are about to live abroad or travel briefly to a Spanish speaking country this app comes highly recommended.

3. Wordpower Spanish Lite

This app is aimed at teaching you one word at a time, and it is my favorite price for an app, free. There is a word of a day, each day that gives you the visual of the word and the audio of the wordy by a native speaker. You can also record yourself. This is a slow way to learn, but is a good way to make sure you learn something new every day.

4. Spanish Touch Trainer

This app helps you with one of the hardest parts of the Spanish language, grammar! It will train you in sentence structure, conjugation and grammar through touch screen technology. There is a beginner to advanced level, so you can start where you feel most comfortable.

5. Gengo Quiz – Spanish

Gengo Quiz is a fun, easy way to test your knowledge of Spanish anywhere with your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Simple to Use,  Just launch the application and select your level of knowledge. Gengo Quiz will ask you a series of language questions appropriate to your ability.

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