Phone Sheriff to Your All Time Rescue

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Phone Sheriff is smartphone hybrid software service especially built for five kinds of platforms. Whether it is an Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows or Symbian smartphone that your family or your employees use, PhoneSheriff is the number one smartphone parental control software.

The software actually stealthily records all GPS locations within a span of 15 minutes. In fact, the GPS rate can be actually adjusted for perfect functioning. Additionally, all activity filtering settings are actually adjusted using the software. You will then gain a complete view of the activities, either on the device or have an alternative in logging-in through the Online Control Panel.

phonesheriff monitoring hero

In fact, the Online Control Panel is accessible from any web browser and can be accessed through the username and password. As a matter of fact, the smartphone interface is silent and is typically undetected by even some of the most advanced detecting software. Being stealth software, it remains silent until the interface is activated. This can be done by changing the setting and the view activities. In fact the software initializes with every boot of the phone.

As monitoring and filtering software, Phone Sheriff will allow you to watch the exact online activities of your child or employee online in real time as well. After you have installed the software on the desired smartphone, you have the option to adjust the settings on the phone to the extent you want your child or employee to use.

After the installation and the settings have been adjusted, as and when the child or the employee begins to use the smartphone, they will not notice anything amiss, given the silent nature of the software. However, your settings will now be in precedence and all the moves of the user will be restricted to those rules.

With this software you could block or allow your child to communicate with a particular number. This will mean that your child will be able to select, call or SMS only these numbers. Another key control you have is with the keyword alert. With this software you will be able to get a complete SMS of the keyword you have specified.  You will be able to lock some of the features such as making a call but only receiving a call during certain periods during the day or night.

It will then record all the SMS text messages, calls and all other activities. The activities are then moved to your private Phone Sherrif account for your personal viewing. The software also offers you the option of viewing the activities on the device itself, in addition to remote web browser viewing. With this software installed on your child’s or your employee smartphone- essentially the phone activities of whom you want to monitor- you will then receive a  log of the activities the smartphone is engaged in. You can view these activities as and when it is silently uploaded to your private Phone Sherrif account on either your web browser on your PC or from any part of the world.

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