EaseUS Data Recovery Software – Review

EaseUS data recovery

Amateurs and non-gadget savvy individuals find it challenging to recover their substantial data if it has been lost in a mishap or just to restore data that has gone missing over a course of time.

EaseUS data recovery

They have to ask for help from an expert in order to retrieve the lost data, which is a very time consuming as well as a pricey affair. However, this process can be simplified by utilizing the modern tools that are now available in the market.

EaseUS Data Recovery

Data Recovery software’s have been proven to be a blessing in cutting down the cost factor along with providing ease. With the introduction of these data recovery software’s, reclaiming lost data is no longer rocket science. EaseUs Data Recovery is one such freely available software.


By using EaseUs Data Recovery Software one can recover the data that has disappeared due to the following reasons:

  1. Deleting a file: A file that has been permanently deleted even from the Recycle Bin can be reclaimed.
  2. Disk Formatting: Data can be restored even if the disk is formatted, whether intentionally or accidentally. Loss of files due to a crash in the hard drive or in the system, or during Windows re-installation
  3. Partition: Data lost due to accidental partition loss, or due to critical virus infection can be recovered.

Among its many features, the best is that this recovery tool software is absolutely free of cost. In spite of charging no money, this tool functions brilliantly. EaseUs is highly beneficial to an individual, not just in matters of money but also, in the fact that it has no limitations.


Unlike other software recovery tools which can recover data only up to a certain limit, EaseUs data recovery tool does not have such restraints. Data beyond the average restriction of 1GB can also be retrieved with certain easy updates. However, the free version only supports information recovery to a maximum level of 1GB.

This data recovery tool gives more than just recovery. With EaseUS data recovery, one can not only get back the lost data but also repair it, in case there has been any damage in the process of its recovery.

The customer care at EaseUs software is unbiased in providing their technical support. The customer could be using the free version or the premium one, but the technical support center would grant free services with respect to the recovery.

EaseUs is one of the best data recovery tools and also one of the most trusted ones. Existing users are pretty impressed with the performance of this software and some quoted it as “easy-to-use” and “straightforward”. Hence, this software functions in a user-friendly manner.

Fellow user, Erich Geobel quoted “Let me start by saying – thank you. This product is the only product among seven others that has helped me recover my files.”

While another user, J.Balga assures that EaseUs is an excellent program that managed to merge partitions on the disk.

In the contemporary time, when it has become essential for ever business enterprise to have a backup, since the computers are loaded with heavy amounts of data and there is no assurance of the system not crashing, EaseUs has been a boon. In fact, EaseUs can recover data not just from the desktop, but also other storage devices like laptop, iPhone, iPad, Cam coder, iPod, iPad mini etc.

EaseUs stays true to its name while making the process of safeguarding priceless data an easy task. For more details, and to download EaseUs, check out its official website: www.easeus.com

All in all, the product, as a data recovery software is an ultimate savior.

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