Hands on with Dell XPS 10

Dell XPS 10

Removing the keyboard whenever you feel like is the latest trend with net books. It started with Asus and now Dell has come up with their Dell XPS 10. In fact, IFA 2012 is raining with such models. It is a Windows RT netbook with a 10-inch screen size and a detachable keyboard making it an ultraportable laptop.

Dell XPS 10

The thickness is less than 10 mm which makes it look more like a tablet with a keyboard. On the first glance, it looks like the next version of Dell’s previous net books, but as you start using it you realize it is nowhere near to its previous versions.

The Dell XPS 10 is light weight and the overall feel is close to a high-end android tablet. The screen is a little too bright and crisp more so than the tablets that were introduced this year in IFA. However, when compared to other devices due to the big bezel.

Dell XPS 10 Features:

The start button of Windows is placed on the screen and has the same functionalities as the start button on the keyboard. If you are using the device without the keyboard, you have to press the start button to get to the main menu. It is a nice addition when the tablet is unattached to the keyboard or when it is in the ‘clamshell’ mode. However, it does look odd when it is shut and rather looks more like a net book than a dual-purpose tablet. It contains pre-installed Office icons accompanied by taskbar in the desktop mode.

It boasts of a rear-facing camera and is expected to carry good mega pixels. The specifications of the device are not clear yet. However, many expect it to come with impressive features. The battery back-up when the device is docked is up to 20 hours and up to 10 hours on each part when undocked. As for the price, the device is definitely not going to come cheap. From the looks of it, Dell is planning to pose a stiff competition to its high-end competitors with this model.

Detaching and attaching the keyboard is very smooth and quick. The overall mechanism is similar to Asus devices and once you open it, you just have to yank the tablet to take it out. The response to touch is good and transition when swiped is smooth. It also has an edge-to-edge glass which gives an enhanced feel to the device. When it comes to overall design, it looks similar to the other XPS series.


Dell is planning to release the device along with Windows 8 which is going to be late October. It definitely would make a great Christmas present. However, ‘detachable keyboard’ concept is not something new. Dell should price their product in such a way that it remains a competition in the market.

There’s not much information on Dell XPS 10 to predict if the device is going to be a hit among the consumers or not. The initial look of the device is promising, but nobody knows how its performance is going to be. One thing is for sure, this Christmas is definitely going to be a good one for the techies!

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