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Different companies are using different marketing methods for the promotion of their brands. However, internet marketing is considered as something for big companies only. It is thought that only big companies can afford to do email marketing and small companies cannot afford this marketing strategy. But, this is proven as a wrong conception, as we have WordPress now.


These Email Marketing Plugins provide an easy and quick solution for email marketing, which is available for free. A large number of these plugins are there, to support marketing needs.

However, it is difficult to find an efficient plugins, here are few of them. They can help to fulfill different marketing needs.

WordPress Email Newsletter Plugin

This plugin is created for the WordPress 3, particularly. You can easily use it and it has many features to offer. You can send email messages to members of WordPress. You can send emails in bulk by using this plugin. You can start a campaign, related to your newsletter and can track your email bouncing as well.

You can restrict that how many emails you will send in a day, in an hour and so on. You will have options regarding the emails outbound and you will be able to embed visuals in them. Another handy option is the fast search for the members, in alphabetical order.

Subscriber Traffic Pop for WordPress

This is considered as a tool for list building. The traffic to your web page will be converted into an email list. This tool will build a strong email database for you and you will get many potential customers. It will keep the record about the names of different persons and their email address and that too in such a style, which is compatible with WordPress.

You can export all your contact, with just one click. You can adjust the number of times, when users will be able to see your popups. Control panel of this plugin is really great and it offers complete instructions for the users.

Subscribe Popup

With the help of this plugin, you will be able to add a subscribe popup box on your website. It will ask about the information about the names of the people and their email addresses. The whole data will be saved in database. You can use the same data in another newsletter system. In this way your website will be more functional, than ever before.

Another important feature of this plugin is that you can customize it according to your choice, like you can change the color and size. A visual editor will help you to edit the content. You will be able to insert any kind of short code in this box.

Simple Mail chimp Signup forms

This is a popular newsletter, which is used by many. It offers multiple ways to add people to sign up on your WordPress website. When a person fills this form, he will be added in to your email list and he will be subscribed automatically. This is simple, but effective too. You have the liberty to display sign up forms either is short code, or dedicated widget or template tag, the choice is yours.

It is really easy to install, as it takes just few minutes and setup is simple to follow. You can translate it in your chosen language, and according to many people it is well documented.


This is one of the simplest options you have to track your email campaign. It will help you in multiple ways. Mymail will provide you information that how many people have opened your email, how many have unsubscribed and how many emails are bounced back. You can use a time frame for your campaign.

You can have auto responders as well, if you choose. Mymail can be shared through social media websites as well. You can have as many subscriptions as you want. You will also have sidebar Widgets. You can change the color as many times as you want. Image in the background is also supported in MyMail.

Email newsletter

You can send HTML email with the help of this plugin, to your registered users. Not just registered users but people who comment can also get your email. Email is the cheapest method to respond, if we compare it with other methods of communication. Email marketing strategies are really useful, if people use them in the right way.

No configuration involved in this plugin and once it’s activated it will be ready to work for you. This plug-in will send the emails easily, to your users either they are registered or commenting users. This easy to use plugin is really useful for all kinds of email marketing.

Newsletter Tycoon

If you like a blog and want to subscribe for the latest addition to that particular blog, this tycoon can help you. Subscribers can be activated by the administrators as well. These newsletters will be sent to you anytime. You can customize to send different announcements and messages.

You will get different updates regarding performance also. In the latest version, you will get some latest features, and many drawbacks have been removed. For instance, preview function was not working properly in previous version, so that has been removed in the new version. Moreover, database structure is also recreated for this new version.

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