HootSuite Integrates ContentGems: What Content Marketers Need to Know

HootSuite Integrates ContentGems

The days of assuming social media is solely for geeks and young whippersnappers are over.  Even the most technologically challenged people must realize that the internet is going nowhere and social media is simply an extension of that stay. The internet hype is no joke. I actually manage most of my day via the internet.

I can read my morning news, do some birthday shopping, make plans with a friend to go see a movie, buy our movie tickets, find a recipe for dinner, order the groceries for it, and end the day by watching a movie with my sweetie….all online.

HootSuite Integrates ContentGems

The amount of time that people usually spend online every day opens them up to a numerous forms of internet marketing, including social media. Is your company making the most out of this invaluable tool?

Simply having a company website is no longer sufficient in the rapidly changing world of internet marketing. Social media has a wide reach and is very easy to manage.

Content marketers especially, can take advantage of all that social media has to offer. The primary purpose behind content marketing is to find, create, and distribute relevant content to a target audience. By mining news sources and social media sites, marketers can compile valuable content and then distribute it through a social media management (SMM) tool such as HootSuite.

Have you ever wondered how companies and organizations are able to keep their Facebook pages updated, in addition to constantly tweeting and posting on LinkedIn? Where on earth do they get the time?

HootSuite allows marketing teams to manage all of their social media efforts from a central dashboard, enabling them to launch a campaign simultaneously across a variety of networks. It also provides analytics that will give valuable insight into campaign results and social media traffic.

Content Curation Comes to HootSuite

As amazing as HootSuite is, it has recently gotten even better. The company recently announced that it would be integrating ContentGems into its application platform, which makes it the first company in the SMM market to do so.

ContentGems is a content curating company that continuously monitors over 200,000 of the best online sources, including news, blogs, and social media sites. By entering certain keywords and social signals, managers can then filter for valuable information that can be used in their content marketing campaigns.

The ContentGems app constantly generates a stream of compelling content for your target audience based on the filters you set. It also simplifies sharing that content on your website and various social media sites that you are utilizing.

In essence, ContentGems mines the internet for content and insight on any topic that may be relevant to your company. And as an added bonus, it is all done directly through the HootSuite dashboard. Like HootSuite, it is offering a free tier of service for light users or those who want to try it before they buy it.

Search-Friendly Content Marketing

ContentGems is particularly useful when it comes to improving your website’s search engine rankings. The app collects data per the filters you set and then you can share it (giving credit to the source of course!) and explain why it is important to the topic at hand.

By linking numerous pieces of content relevant to your topic, you will create more exposure when that specific topic is searched, which drives higher SEO value. Additionally, regularly and consistently updating your content tends to boost search rankings by being indexed more often.

The integration of ContentGems into the HootSuite platform not only allows you to curate vital information, it also comes in handy for fulfilling your own content needs. By identifying your areas of interest and setting your own personal filters, you can stay up to date with the latest news, trends and developments related to your industry.

This information will prove useful for adding fresh new content to the mix of your curated material, while also helping you stay on top of the issues that are critical to capturing the attention of your audience and keeping them engaged throughout the relationship.

Integrated Content Marketing at Your Fingertips

ContentGems is only one of a few third-party tools to team up with HootSuite. The popular SMM platform also recently integrated functionality from Chartbeat and widely used survey app SurkeyMonkey.

Has your company jumped on the social media bandwagon? If so, are you utilizing tools such as these? Hopefully so because they can simplify many of the hectic management tasks and maximize the effectiveness of your overall strategy. Seeing how they’re so cost efficient, you really have nothing to lose.

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