4 Reasons Why Google+ Should Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Google Plus

Do you need Google+? Do you really need it? Many business owners ask that question still, even though it’s 2018, and the answer is yes, you do.

Google Plus

Aside from Google’s questionable propensity to give those who worship the ground it walks on a better position in the search rankings, Google+ offers many advantages to help you grow your business that other social media platforms don’t. Here are four reasons why you should go ahead and open that Google+ account and use it alongside your other digital platforms.

1. It Really Does Improve Your SEO

When it comes to search engines, Google remains king. Nearly everyone searches for what they need online and they use Google. As touched upon above, Google loves businesses who add Google+ to their social media platform list, and it will index your content more favorably because Google+ makes it easier for the spider bots to do so.

Google places site value on quality content, and the more quality content you post and share on Google+, the higher you’ll rank in the search results.

2. People Share Your Content

Google+ allows your followers to discuss and share your business online, much like Facebook and Yelp. It also pays attention to what others say about you. This gives you fantastic exposure, especially if you allow people to review your business and receive nothing but top reviews. Plus also shares your contact info, which automatically brings up where your business is located on Google Maps when a user clicks on your link. Boom! Instant directions.

3. Allows Networking

If you are a recruiter, for example, Google+ allows you to post software jobs in New York on your platform that a colleague offers. Your colleague can post your jobs in return. It also allows networking via groups, chats, and other common social media options. One area where it exceeds its competitors is through live video chats.

Imagine being able to set up a meeting and get everyone to attend online through Google+. Think of the money you’ll save on travel expenses.

4. It Helps Google

Finally, Google pays attention to how users utilize and share the data it provides, so naturally, a Google+ account helps it see how to improve user experience, which is its bread and butter. When it sees how users interact with your plus account, it can better tune how searchers get to your site, and the billion other sites on the web. Google cannot afford to lose users because its engine does not return the desired results, so it pays attention to plus and how it works for your business.

Does your business need a Google+ account? Think about it this way. When you search for a fantastic restaurant to take your spouse to on date night do you rely on that little window on the right-hand side of the results that list a restaurant, its reviews, and its location on maps all in one box?

Do you move on if there isn’t a box to click to get further information about the eatery? If you answered yes to either of those questions, yes, you need Google+, because that’s what Google+ does for your business.

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