Lessons to learn From HP to Gain 1 Million LinkedIn Followers!

Today I will explain that how  to get more Followers On LinkedIn. Just a while ago, HP or Hewlett Packard to the uninitiated reached a mega landmark – 1 million LinkedIn Followers. And this was not revenues but the number of followers on the social networking site – LinkedIn.

LinkedIn followers

In the cyber world, this is one huge achievement indeed. Interestingly, news of this achievement was made public by the vice president of marketing at LinkedIn – Nick Besbeas.

How to get Million LinkedIn Followers

For other companies or even individuals who are aspiring to become part of the 1 LinkedIn Followers million club, there are quite a few pertinent things to be kept in mind.

Content is everything

This is an often repeated maxim, but it still escapes the attention of quite a few people. HP went about creating a customer base or a follower base simply by ensuring that their content in terms of insights and updates was relevant and interesting and frequently refreshed.

This is a very important lesson when it comes to social media management. A customer is liable to get bored very quickly, if he sees no change in your content and the things that you have to say.

Quality and not quantity

Yes, every company worth its salt will focus on increasing various kinds of numbers such as customer base but it is not simply about playing the numbers game. HP managed to make a difference in its social marketing strategy by garnering high value LinkedIn followers and creating high-value content.

If you take a cross-section of the number of people who are following HP, then you are likely to see people such as business owners, CEOs and leaders from a diverse range of industries which include IT and other sectors as well. This clearly indicates the emphasis that HP has placed on quality.

Becoming an industry reference point

The use of social media turned HP into a company that the industry sought to follow. Whether it is for IT reasons or business strategy, HP’s content and information became the main reference point to find out all about product information and even news related to the company.

Professionals (as far as the IT industry is concerned) gained a lot understanding and knowledge, by following HP. Therefore, by targeting the right kind of people through its content, HP managed to make a difference in the use of social media networking. Follow a Company On LinkedIn which you like.

Using ads

One of the main tools that HP harnessed was targeted LinkedIn Follow ads. This helped people not only to subscribe to the information or updates that HP put out but also to get timely notifications of the same. Using these ads helped HP gain top of the mind recall status as far as IT professionals were concerned.

Interestingly, HP seems to have mastered the art of the right mix of content and social media tools because it has a large number of following on its Facebook page as well.

Everybody talks about things like social media analytics, target market segmentation and knowing the customer but for all practical purposes it’s about putting that learning into action to harness the immense power of social networking.

I hope above steps will help you to understand How to Increase LinkedIn Connections and get LinkedIn Followers. Share your views with us about getting more LinkedIn Followers via comments below.

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