The Top 6 Free BlackBerry Apps

Free BlackBerry Apps : Though critics would have you believe that Blackberry is down for the count, it’d be a mistake to write them off just yet. RIM is still going strong, and Blackberry still boasts some of the best Free BlackBerry Apps around. Here are six of the best BlackBerry apps free to use.

Best 6 Free BlackBerry Apps


1. Kindle for BlackBerry Beta

BlackBerry has and always will be a serious business tool for serious business people. When you’ve got downtime, it’s always a good idea to catch up on your backlog of required reading. Kindle for BlackBerry is the free and easy way to read ePUB and PDF E-books on your BlackBerry.

2. Speedtest HD

High-speed mobile broadband infrastructure is still very much a work in progress, and you can’t always be sure of what kind of bandwidth you’re getting at any given location. Speedtest HD is a fairly painless way to get a read on network speeds.

3. UPS Mobile

Still the favored shipping company for many, UPS will no doubt bury the USPS any day now. To keep track of your packages in transit, UPS Mobile is the only app you need. With a UPS account, you can log in and track packages, as well as calculate costs and shipping rates.

4. WeatherBug

Having instant access to the latest forecasts and warnings is a godsend if you travel frequently or just like getting a heads up on potential storms in the area. WeatherBug spits out instant forecasts for your any locale in both hourly and weekly formats for your convenience.

5. Poynt

Local search is becoming more relevant and useful with each passing day. Poynt is a cheap gas finder, local restaurant search provider and currency converter all in one. One of the most highly-rated apps for BlackBerry, it offers exemplary local search for nearly every major industrialized country in the world.

6. Navita Translator

As business continues to become more internationalized and global, the need for translator software like Navita becomes all the more pressing. Navita features support for more than 50 languages and allows users to translate E-mails and texts at the push of a button.

Final Thoughts

In spite of all the naysayers, BlackBerry in truth still features a vast array of great, Free BlackBerry Apps for everyday practical usage. The upcoming release of BlackBerry 10 should go a long way in bringing even more Free BlackBerry Apps to the table. For the time being, the six listed above should suffice.

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