How to Get Access to the Data Stored on a Failed NAS?

NAS recovery

Network Attached Storage (shortly NAS) is a device for storing data which can be accessed via a network. Previously, such devices were used mostly in organizations but today more and more users buy them for home usage. Data storage can be organized in such a way that the NAS will be available to work with any device in the home network: tablets, laptops, smartphones, TVs and so on.

NAS recovery

These devices are considered to be reliable, nevertheless, there is still a chance that one day you will not be able to access NAS data. There are two solutions: either to send your NAS to a special data recovery service, or to try DIY approach. In this article I will tell you about DIY methods.

Ordinary data recovery software like Recuva cannot cope with this task. Usually NASes are multidisk devices that’s why. special software is required

How to recover data using NAS recovery software

  1. Extract the drives from the device. Usually, it’s pretty easy to do, and this does not violate the warranty, because the NAS is designed to support fast disk replacement.
  2. Connect the drive from your NAS to a PC. To do this you can use USB-to-SATA adapters with power, or you can disassemble your PC and connect the drives directly to the motherboard.
  3. Use a special software that is able to recover data from a NAS. The most common of them are ReclaiMe File Recovery, Home NAS Recovery, and UFS Explorer.

ReclaiMe File Recovery ( it’s quite simple to understand how to select the required device. Here you will find fast scanning and a possibility to preview recovered files. The only disadvantage is a quite high price.

Home NAS Recovery ( the software has user-friendly interface, it is the cheapest one in comparison with its competitors. Disadvantage – you are not able to preview recovered data until you buy the software.

Diskinternals ( its interface is hardly understandable, but it can deal with the task.

The bottom line:  If you faced data loss from the NAS device, do not panic. Fortunately, the market provides the solutions. At first sight, the recovery process seems to be available only for a technically skilled person but in fact anyone can do that.

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