Facebook Messenger : Share Your Current Location


Facebook Messenger offers a new feature that allows you to send your current location or a place that you selected in a conversation. This functionality is similar to what is already found on Hangout or Messages (iOS).

To access this feature, simply open one of your conversations or to start a new one and press the “More” button that appears to the right of the microphone icon. Then press “Location” and select your location or that of the place you want to publish your conversation.

There are multiple reasons as to why you’d want to share your location. Like Parents who want to know the location of their children OR you want to share discovery places, restaurants, hotels, camping OR If you are meeting friends at a restaurant and she doesn’t know where it’s at. You can search for it within Facebook Messenger and send him the map of where it’s located.


Share a Location

To send your location:

  1. Open a conversation.
  2. Tap
  3. Tap Location. You’ll see a blue circle at your current location.
  4. Tap Send.

Note: If you see in the lower right, tap to send your location in Messenger, or you can select from the list below of places. If the place isn’t in the list, you can search for it using the search bar at the top and then share it.

Pin a Location


Facebook Messenger not only allows  to share your current location, but you can also share other locations like a restaurant or a bar. So if you want to share a location other than your current one, there is one more option available, you just have to pin it by dragging the map so the red pin is on the right place, or look for a location by using the search bar below the map.

When you find the location, tap it and hit Send. This pin the location feature could be more useful when you want to meet a friend and you can send the location.

So it is always a great way to share your current location with your family, friends while you are in a party or playing casino in some club. Now a days, you can play all your favorite online casino games at Casino.com Australia and win real money. By sharing a location, your friends and family know where you are in Messenger.


Your correspondent in conversation receive a card that will show your position or that of the place you want to share.

Don’t forget to enable location services in your device’s settings for Facebook Messenger before you can share your location with a friend within the app.

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