3D-Printed Flex Bands Add Flair to Apple’s New Smartwatch

Apple has always done an excellent job of creating high-tech products that people lust after. For example, when the MP3 player reached a tipping point, everyone needed to buy one, and Apple’s iPod was the coolest game in town.

They’ve captured people’s imaginations with computers, phones, and tablets; now, the Apple Watch is trying to do the same thing for wearables. To celebrate this shiny piece of technology, Freshfiber’s star designer Maria Cichy has come up with a line of 3D-printed watchbands that boast durability and original style.

These bands look wildly different from Apple’s in-house offerings, which are only available in solid colors. Cichy’s four designs — Crocodile, Canyon, Polygon, and Web Flex — harness the possibilities of 3D printing technology with their impressive textures and attention to detail. First, the Crocodile is patterned after croc skin, with a cracked design that allows for increased flexibility.

The Canyon emulates sandstone formations with an undulating beauty — a look that is far easier to create when 3D printers are involved. Next, the Polygon embraces its digital origins with an angular design that fits the Apple Watch’s cutting-edge feel. Finally, the Web Flex adopts a modern symbol for connectivity, with an interweaving system of lines and hubs.

However, Freshfiber isn’t the only company using 3D printers for fashionable goals; below, we’ve shared a host of designers and startups that are shaping the technology’s future.

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