Why You Should Make Child Internet Protection a Priority?

Child Internet Protection

Today, one can have almost absolute freedom, but some parents still don’t want to give all the freedom to their teens. After all, we can’t put teens’ well being and safety at stake, can we?

Do you know about the online dating websites? Yes, online dating is getting very popular among teens and if you don’t know what kids are doing online, the consequences can be disastrous. We parents need to talk about online relationships with our teens frankly.


But it’s always good to be on the safe side. And to ensure that your teens are browsing the Internet safely and are not falling in this deadly trap of online dating, you definitely need to take the child Internet protection very seriously.

Teen online dating and violence

There are a lot of online dating sites on which your kids could share their personal info and find their interests. But such kind of random dating habits could lead them to traumatic exposures. MyLOL, OurTeenNetwork, Bebo, MeetMe, Fun Date City, Tinder, etc. are the famous dating sites and teens can have access to these very easily because these sites have separate apps for mobiles and tablets, too.

The biggest risk involved is the thousands of fake profiles that anyone can create and then try to get in touch with your children. There are all kinds of sick adults and psychopaths out there who just want to get in touch with teens and abuse them.

Then, there is the risk of your child sharing his or her personal, sensitive pictures on these sites and with other users. Not all of them are to be trusted and sometimes, people send fake pictures to encourage teens to send their pictures. This can lead to disastrous circumstances as they can then black-mail your child in meeting them personally or they will post the pictures online publicly. This can literally ruin your child!

That is why online dating sites and apps are not to be trusted and parents should be on the lookout of their children are using these apps. If you think your teen is out of this mess and couldn’t possibly be active on these sites, think again.

Dating unknown people is the big cause of teen dating violence in the US today. Look at this Infographic by Lewis Kannegieter Law, Ltd showing the online teen dating trends and violence.


  • In US alone, 1.5 million high school teenagers experience physical abuse from their dating partner
  • 1 in 3 teenage relationships involve abusive activities
  • 2 out of 3 teens never report their abusive experiences.
  • 4 out of 5 continue to date their abusing partners.

Well, these stats are horrifying. Parents today must monitor their teens’ online activities and keep tabs on the sites they visit the most. This can be a little tricky to do.

Not with parental control apps; these apps can let you know what your children are browsing on their smartphones and tablets and some advanced parental control apps like FamilyTime Parental App even let you block these inappropriate apps, too.


Monitor teen’s online dating activities

FamilyTime encourages parents to develop friendly relationship with their children. So before installing the app, discuss the stakes with your teens and with mutual consent, install the app. It can allow you to monitor what they do online and what are their interests.

Key Features

  • View their Web browsing history.
  • Keeptabs at their favorites and bookmarks.
  • Check how long they visited a specific site.
  • Check all the installed apps on their phones and tabs.
  • Blacklist the inappropriate dating apps.

Make Teens Safety Your Priority!

Keep on the lookout and observe your teens closely. If they’re into dating websites, they could easily fall prey to fake profiles resulting in humiliation or worse still, abusive relationships.

Instead of allowing the teens to ruin everything and then correcting them; it’s better to fix things in time. FamilyTime can be a good option to stay informed about your teens’ online and dating preferences after all, you can’t overlook their safety!

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