Guide to Understanding Search Engine Optimization


If you have website, chances are that you heard about this term call “Search Engine Optimization” or commonly known as SEO or even have engage SEO services on your website. All you know is that it is suppose to help you get on Page 1 when user searches a keyword on Google. But what actually does it comprises of?

The below infographic aim to provide you with a quick and simple guide to the world of Search Engine Optimization and let you understand more it. SEO is break into 2 part, primarily the Onsite & Offsite work.

Onsite works compromises of making your site being understood clearly to Google as much as possible on what your site is all about.  E.g If your website is all about “Car Rental”, you want to make sure that you have it mention in your Page Title, Headers, URLs and more if possible. This allows Google to easily associate your site about it.

But that is not all to get on Page 1, after all there is tons of sites out competing with you on the same keywords. That is where, Offsite play a part. Offsite works are things done away from the site with the purpose of increasing your Authority in Google’ eye. After all, how can Google trust what you have told him in your onsite work and they judge mainly on the quality and relevance of links back to your site.

Of course there is tons of other factors involved, but in essential that is what Search Engine Optimization is all about. Learn more by scanning through the infographic below:


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