What Could Possibly Drain Your Android’s Battery


This is a common scenario with majority of Android smartphones! When we come to talk about battery performance of an android phone, we complain how fast the battery dies! It doesn’t matter how much you use your device, but if it’s powered on throughout the day, it will run out of battery by the end of the day.


Despite the fact that the batteries coming with these devices have improved and are powerful now, what still weakens them is the constant consumption of battery by various apps and features.

One can easily make out the reasons why android battery runs out of power. For instance, many apps and features aren’t required always, therefore they can be put off for a while.

In fact there are many apps to find which app/feature had been eating a chunk out of that battery. So if you want to find out how you can get the most out of your android’s battery as well as sustain it, then keep on reading this post.

Find The Battery Blowing Apps

Before you could jump on to the “battery saving” part, it’s important to find out all those apps which are possibly consuming your battery. It’s quite easy to find the apps which do so, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and open Battery. Here a list of all those apps will be displayed that have consumed most of your device’s power. The badass battery chompers are always on the top of the list. If you think that these features or apps are something you can do well without, you might as well put’em to rest (uninstall!).

Manage Your Android’s Settings

First things first, put your android on battery saver mode. This mode automatically takes care of the juice and preserves it as and when required. Secondly, try to adjust some settings, for e.g. brightness. If you like a bright screen, you are not only enjoying that terrible eye strain but also making your battery sick! Follow these steps to make changes in your screen’s display settings:

  • Go to settings and open Display. In the display section, choose the ‘Brightness’ where you will get the option to tune in the device’s brightness. Mostly it is set to “Auto”, but you can increase or decrease it accordingly. In this case, we recommend it keeping it on “Auto” or less than that.
  • In the same section, you get options to manage other features as well. Always put a timer on your device as to when it should sleep, for example set the timer to 30 seconds and your phone be put to sleep if it has been inactive for the last 30 seconds. Keeping an intermediate time will keep you from grinding your own gears and also keep your device HAPPY!

Disable WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth & NFC

If you thought that it’s fine to have your device’s WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC open idle throughout the day, then you probably missed out on the fact that these features consume most power of your android’s. For example, using internet on your device through WiFi would exhaust your battery at much more rapid speed. So it’s better to disable these service, especially when not in use.

  • Go to Settings, and switch off WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Similarly, it’s advisable to switch off the GPS location feature of your android. To do this, go to Settings and then choose “Location” and slide it off. Disabling this feature would help you save a lot of battery. On the contrary you can switch it on, especially when you want to navigate, use GPS or share your location. Also, if any app needs the GPS assistance, it would prompt you to switch it on.

Add On Tips To Save Your Device’s Battery

  • If your android has voice services and gestures feature, then its best to turn these features off. Else, your phone will constantly drain trying to listen for a command from you.
  • Android has option to synchronize all your data with your Google account. Synchronization is a great feature, but while your phone tries to take continuous backups, what you don’t realise is the fact that it’s sucking up all the power. Only synchronize any important emails accounts and remove all others.
  • Update all the apps time to time, because a lot of times these apps are improved in terms of their performance and how they consume phone’s battery power.
  • Also many free apps are ad-supported. More free apps means constant nuisance and freaking ads popping up every now and then, thus resulting in battery drainage. Either choose to keep limited free apps, or pay for the apps to get ad-free version.
  • Uninstall any rarely used app; don’t just keep them for the sake of having’em on your phone. Also don’t run too many apps simultaneously, if you do, you’d obviously run out of charge.
  • Use static images for wallpaper. A live, animated or dynamic wallpaper on the other hand will always take too much of power to keep the animation going on.
  • Keep your home screen clutter free. Floating widgets will unnecessarily cause inconvenience, also you’ll end up sticking your finger in one of those!
  • Most importantly keep a check on your android’s data usage. If you’ll make it a habit to go through the data usage, then you’ll be able to see which app or which feature runs throughout.
  • Get assistance from app that optimize your android’s RAM, for example Clean Master.

Hopefully this information will help you to increase your Android smartphone’s battery life. Don’t forget to share your battery-saving tips with us in the comments below!

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