The Most Impressive Features of the iPhone 6

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Apple recently enjoyed its second-best quarter ever. Why did an already massive company enjoy such a remarkable earnings period? The reason is that, even without a lucrative holiday to boost sales, demand for the wildly popular iPhone 6 drove consumers into their local Apple stores. A phone selling 60 million units a quarter must be doing something right. Here are six of the most impressive features of the iPhone 6.

The Screen

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

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There are two versions of the iPhone 6: the standard one and the iPhone 6 Plus. Both of them enjoy dramatic upgrades in screen quality from prior iterations. Apple boosted resolution from 1136 x 640 to 1334 x 750 and enhanced pixel density to 326 PPI. Even the 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 6 features a breathtaking screen that is historically unprecedented for an Apple smartphone.

The iPhone 6 Plus display is that much more dazzling. It’s a 5.5-inch screen with 401 PPI pixel density. To augment the larger size, Apple increased the resolution even more. At 1920 x 1080, the iPhone 6 Plus offers true 1080p HD resolution with a 16 x 9 aspect ratio. It’s the equivalent of holding an HDTV in your hand.

Image Stabilization

Almost half the people using smart devices take pictures. Studies show that 46 percent of adults using the Internet post pictures and videos, and 41 percent of people post their work on social media sites.

The fact is that your phone is a part of everyday life. You wouldn’t think of chronicling everything interesting that happens to you without taking pictures for posterity’s sake. The moment you feel inspiration, you can whip out your camera on the Apple iPhone 6 and take a picture.

The quality is better than ever due to the improved image stabilization used in the device’s architecture. Apple cleverly integrated the processor chip, coprocessor, and even the camera lens itself to improve stability. The resulting pictures are the best of any iPhone to date.

Video Recording

Since the iPhone 6 has superior screen resolution and better stabilization than ever, the phone’s designers prioritized a historically weak aspect of their smartphone: video recording. The iPhone 6 can capture motion picture images in 1080p with the user’s choice of either 30 or 60 frames per second. Plus, if you’re a fan of slow-motion special effects in your videos, you can slow the action all the way down by employing 240-frames-per-second recordings. It’s like carrying a high-quality movie camera wherever you go.

The strengths of the new video capture on the iPhone 6 are clarity and crispness. Better yet, the ongoing issue of motion blurring that previous iPhones experienced is largely reduced. You’ll never again watch in frustration as your iPhone 6 video blurs away the best moments of your life.

Apple Pay

The days of physical paper usage for money transactions aren’t gone yet, but innovations like Apple Pay make the action feel outdated. Apple Pay customers don’t have to take cash out of their wallets to pay for goods and services. They don’t even have to hunt through their credit cards to choose the right one.

Through Apple Pay, a person simply picks one of the credit cards that they keep on file on their phone. Then, the service utilizes near-field communication to facilitate payment. Basically, your phone doubles as your digital wallet, meaning that you never have to fumble through your purse again. The service is also extremely secure, so if you misplace your phone, you don’t have to worry about someone using Apple Pay to steal from you.


You don’t have to know the industry jargon to appreciate the value of Voice over LTE and Wi-Fi support. This provides iPhone 6 customers with the ability to make phone calls over wireless networks when their LTE service is unavailable. When you do have LTE, your phone is more reliable.

These improved networks are substantially less likely to drop phone calls or collapse under the stress of too many simultaneous users. They also provide higher-quality phone calls, so you won’t sound like you’re driving through a tunnel any longer. VoLTE is a huge advancement in the main purpose of your phone: calling people.

The iPhone 6 has shattered sales records for an obvious reason. It’s the best phone that Apple has ever made. It has added enhancements in all the areas listed above, plus countless others. The Apple iPhone 6 is a technological marvel.

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