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I stumbled across one of the best project management tools recently while testing different project management software for a project that needed me to collaborate with a client and several freelancers who were all accomplishing parts of the overall deliverable. So I was looking for an online collaboration tool that would allow me to manage the project as a whole and oversee the work of the freelancers.


A search for project management system brought up Wrike and looking through its project management functionalities, it seemed like a good fit. Wrike is a cloud- based, scalable software that allows you to manage using traditional methods alongside social collaboration features such as realtime feeds and @mentioning in discussions, which makes it quite easy for the users to organize their work in a single place.

For whom is Wrike for?

Wrike was developed keeping in mind the needs of individual freelancers as well as organizations with large number of employees. Wrike can be tailored even to the needs of an individual user, and there are several plans based on the number of users needing it.

While the software is undoubtedly made with big organizations in mind, its fearure set can accommodate small teams and solopreneurs as well. For example, it has the ability to add an unlimited numbers of collaborators to even the free Wrike plan. This means, you can have many collaborators (with limited functions) be part of the team. This enables organizations to allocate work among different associated team members and keep track of all schedules, deadlines, and much more.

This incredible project management software makes sure that the user gets an updated and accurate picture regarding the progress of a project. Since Wrike is a complete solution, the cloud-based platform can be put to use by the users within different business departments.

Directors, CEOs, Strategists, Managers, Marketers and Salespeople have been increasingly using Wrike to stay connected with both their distributed and co- located teams.

Benefits of Wrike

Let us now discuss some of the benefits of using Wrike:

Task Management

The users can directly create tasks and subtasks within the software or can even email tasks to the system. It enables the users to prioritize tasks by reordering them in a list view. You can even keep all the related files and attachments within a task so that there is one single place for all work related information. In addition, you can also schedule recurring tasks automatically.


It allows users to directly add detailed descriptions and comments to tasks within the tool or by using email. You can even make use of @mentions to bring teammates into your conversations. When you respond to task-related discussions, you can even quote parts of previous comments or task descriptions.

Activity Stream

This project management software offers your team a real- time activity stream for following live project updates. You can even filter updates by tasks and projects and thereby select which tasks and projects you wish to follow.

Performance Chart

The performance chart is quite handy for the users as it shows the the total number of tasks, scheduled tasks, and deadlines. It thus helps the user monitor scheduled work by making use of simple and colorful visuals.

Reports and Dashboards

This feature enables the user to view all pending tasks for a particular day or week within a snapshot view. It enables the user to monitor the tasks and thus make project activity reports which are categorized by project, client, employee name, and much more.


For small groups of individuals (not more than 5) who require basic task management features the free trail package of Wrike is probably your best bet as it has enough working features for a small group to manage a project.

The professional package of this project management software is ideal for those teams who require project collaboration and planning. This package will cost you around $49 annually for 5 users and $99 annually for up to 15 users.

For enterprises who employ hundreds of people and require advanced security, reporting and customization, the enterprise plan is the ideal solution.

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