Tips for Setting up a Car Valet Business

Car Valet Business

If you have spent your life working for others, you may decide that it is time for a change. You want to be your own boss, pick your own work schedule, and do what you want to do. You may therefore, be interested in starting your own business.

If you’re interested in cars but aren’t interested in being a mechanic and prefer the more appealing, aesthetic beauty of the vehicle, a car valeting business may be something that you are interested in. When establishing any business there are things to consider, here are some tips for setting up a car valeting business.

Car Valet Business

Financing your Business

If you have your own savings this may provide ample capital in your aim of achieving your own business. However, this is not an option available to many, therefore they need a different plan.

In fact you will need two. Firstly, you will need to research into which banks or other financial institutions will be willing to take a bet on your dreams and on you. Secondly, you will need a business plan to convince them there is a real chance of a return on their investment.

In this business plan you should be looking to include any money you will invest, forecasting for expenses, why your business will succeed in the area you have chosen and a financial forecast for your business. Once you have all these, a reasonable plan and the support of a bank, you’ll be ready to move forward.

Choosing Your Location

The idea of a valet company will be that customers come, you do your work and then the cars leave. There may be the temptation to think that a car valet business does not need a base and can be done house to house and whilst this may work you need to consider there is only so much time in a day, and by not having a base you are limiting your earning potential and the services you can offer.

Choosing the perfect location will give you the opportunity to maximize your customer experience, offer a wider range of services, do more business and attract passing trade. Ideally, looking for a large outdoor space will be most important, especially on a main road or close to one. Another consideration to make is whether it would be worth investing in a roof or cover, to ensure you can offer services whatever the weather throws out.

Equipping Your Business

You need to make the decision about what services you will offer. If you have chosen a simple valet which cleans the inside and bodywork of a car the equipment may be clear. If you have decided your business will offer more bespoke service such as; engine cleaning, coolant changes or exhaust cleaning you will need more specialized equipment and possible training to do so.

If you are planning on having customers park their cars, their keys will need to be safe, so it may be worth investing in a portable key box. Make sure to buy a valet box that is strong and secure.

With these simple tips, your dream of a car valeting service may be closer than you think.

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