How Tech-Savvy Consumers Can Also Be Trendsetters


The modern world has a love affair with gadgets. From the things we wear to the devices we use to connect to the broader world, to the tools we use to create, items once banished to the techie fringe are increasingly integrated into our daily lives.

In the process, super geeky becomes cutting-edge, and the pursuit of the newest and best makes nerds into pioneers. Here are a few of the latest tech gadgets that you can use to up your social profile and become a trendsetter.

GoPro Hero 4

GoPro is the camera line that is revolutionizing the way people take video, amateur and professional alike. The small but powerful cameras pair perfectly with drones for taking high-flying footage, and they are durable enough to survive the occasional rough landing. The price is quite reasonable for the quality, putting them in reach of the average consumer.


Anyone who’s ever dreamed of orchestrating sweeping crane shots into their home movies should rush to grab the latest model.

3D Robotics Solo

Of course, you’ll want a drone to go with that camera. Who didn’t dream of being a pilot when they were a kid? When shopping for a GoPro compatible drone, the Solo emerges as a clear leader. With the native capacity to stream the video live to your IOS or Android devices, expandable slots for gimbals and other add-ons, and a follow mode that lets the drone’s advanced processors do the flying for a while, the Solo lets your thoughts truly take wing, soaring above the daily grind.

Vaporcade Jupiter Smartphone

One way to create a useful new invention is to fuse two existing items together. The Vaporcade Jupiter does just that by combining two distinctly modern pleasures — smartphone use and vaping. Jupiter users can reduce the number of devices they carry on their person, giving you the power of a newer model Android phone and the smooth flavor of a top of the line vaporizer rig in one convenient package.


You may not know it yet, but the HD TVs of today are fossils in the making. Their replacements, the 4K and 5K televisions, are just starting to trickle out to the luxury market. LG is leading the way with its absurdly opulent 105 inch curved 5K screen, a beast of a television that is sure to show everyone whose TV game is the strongest. The price tag may be restrictive (upwards of $100,000 in some markets), but it’s hard to argue with the astonishing resolution. Of course, other 5K models in more reasonable sizes are also available, for those without a hundred grand to spare.

The techie life is a treadmill of sorts, with new devices constantly emerging to set your wallet back. Buying top of the line is one way to be sure your purchases stay useful for longer. Of course, doing so takes a toll on your finances, but no one ever said being the best was easy. Trust us, though — the rewards are well worth it.

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