Why “Dumb Phones” will be around for a Long time

iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4, Windows or Symbian – these are the questions dominating many thoughts when one buys a new smart phone. But what happened to the “dumb phone?” Are they still made? Who is buying them and what are the benefits?

For the first time, smart phones have outsold traditional cell phones as worldwide smartphone sales rose 46.5% to hit 225 million units shipped, while sales of feature phones declined 21% year-on-year to 210 million units.

With the prices dropping and more models being offered, this upward momentum is bound to continue. No longer does one have to win at the casinos to afford new technology. No, now you can play on the mobile casino in your own hand.


While most are celebrating the growth in the communication devices, Nokia will be hard hit as it remains the world’s biggest brand in feature cell phones.

Nokia shipped just 61 million feature phones in Q2, down from 83 million in the year ago quarter. But all is not lost as the Windows powered Lumia grew 112% in sales this quarter.

More than one billion smartphones are being used around the world. So why do we still have basic cell phones? Who is buying them?

While smartphone sales are massive in Africa and Asia, so are traditional cell phone sales. 200 million odd sales is no laughing matter.

A basic Nokia has a far better battery life to a smart phone – when electricity is hit and miss, having a communications device that will last out the blackout is vital. Basic phones are still far cheaper, despite prices becoming more affordable – these are still not affordable to those in third world countries. In addition, a basic cell phone is far more durable and hardy. It’s hard enough getting your Apple fixed in a big city.

And the sales will continue to do well. In Africa, for many years, there have been more cellphones than landlines. Until communication infrastructures are improved, until the necessary support services that come with a smart phone are expended – the basic cell phone will still have a huge presence in these countries.

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