Zoho : Try Supe User Friendly and Easiest Helpdesk Software

Entrepreneurs asked, what would be the next best thing for effective marketing and elaborate publication! Zoho.com has attempted to answer this question.

Zoho.com is a division of Zoho Corporation. It is a huge enterprise serving needs of up to 6 million customers and still growing. It has offices in different 5 locations around the world, from North America to Asia. With several award winning products and applications, zoho has soon turned out to be a leading online organization.


Zoho.com is a widespread network of online database that facilitates in easy information sharing and ensures maximum customer compatibility. Its lack of dependence on hardware makes it almost an excellent medium of knowledge sharing and group collaboration.

Zoho.com helps clients and customers execute their business process. Also, online access makes it more convenient for them to manage data while on the go. Highly interactive and comprehensive customer-manager interface helps clients to better understand the current status of their project. With such upcoming technology, the helpless dependence on expensive hardware and software is eliminated.

Zoho’s working structure is more or less similar to that of a cloud campus. Vital information about a project can be shared by authorized people using its centralized information repository. Hence a group of members working on a project need not be physically present to complete it.

Instead, by creating searchable and data sharing over a medium of connectivity, a group can carry out its work from anywhere with ease. Zoho.com presents a good use of team collaboration by creating workspace for groups and encouraging individuals to participate and share information.

Centralized Data access developed by zoho.com helps team members search and acquire information from a single portal. Besides being up-to-date, group members are relieved of the tedious work of retrieving data’s from emails or shared drives. Furthermore, the high-end and very well thought off Zoho instant messaging makes task completion even simpler.

Zoho offers a number of login sectors, be it from your google account or even Y! Communications with site members and other associates working on the same project can be established almost instantaneously. Features such as mail integration and spam filters are also provided to confirm network’s credibility.

One major step involved in project setup is the enterprise security. Schemes of protective measures are available in all levels of designing. This way, Zoho.com guarantees the safety of vital client-manager information.

There is nothing is more significant in business than presentation. Customers can be impressed by the manner in which an organization presents its campaign. Zoho.com offers entrepreneurs a range of pre-designed templates for their web campaign. This enhances the reach of one’s campaign from the rest and sets a greater par for other competitors.

Furthermore, Zoho.com has gone the extra mile to make these templates available in any form of media an organization chooses to; be it mobile apps, PCs or any other user-friendly interface.

More than 25 online applications have been launched by zoho.com till date. These cover all aspects of marketing and publishing; from CRM to mails, web conferencing to invoicing. Office suites, project management and several other apps make it up to the customers’ requirements as well.

Zoho.com invokes the need to integrate zoho CRM and email marketing which will optimize your decision making skills by interpreting the response received to your campaign. And yet another influential feature in zoho to reach out and engage your customers is the utilization of social media to promote and draw attention of a wider audience. Some of the social websites that can be used as a media of publicity are Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter.

Also with Zoho you will get the best help desk Solutions to deliver unmatched customer support that builds lasting relationships. All such supportive features and more is what makes zoho.com a perfect platform to effectively improve your business.

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