Data Protection while Travelling


Reliable VPN services are in great demand as provide freedom of online browsing and protection of remote access to business data. This market has a lot to offer nowadays – surprising selection of free and paid services to choose from. Is there any crucial difference between paid and free VPN services and whether we should pay for the quality that is available for free?


Reasons of VPN service being so popular

The first thing we should take into consideration is the safety of personal information. Therefore, it is vital choosing most reliable provider as strong vpn. Free services are also an option if you are not annoyed by ads popping out all the time and poor speed. In any case paid VPN providers surely can guarantee anonymity, fast speed, access to blocked websites, etc.

What are benefits of any reputable VPN service?

  • Reputable VPN services guarantee that your personal data, location is encrypted and secure;
  • Providing users with different IP addresses if needed;
  • Users are allowed 24/7 access to banned websites;
  • Remote access to your office and information available only for employees;
  • Servers located across the world and ensure strong and fast connection;
  • Safe using Wi-Fi at public places, hot spots, etc.

Reliable VPN provider encrypts all online communication and users may enjoy complete online privacy and security.

Benefits of StrongVPN

One of leading services on the market of VPN providers is StrongVPN. This service will be useful for journalists who travel a lot and require complete freedom and access to browse the Internet without the risk of getting monitored by the government. Any Internet user will also find this provider suitable as it saves your data and leaves your identity in secret.

StrongVPN provider allows access to servers located in 21 countries, high speed guarantees fast uploads and downloads. For those, who use multiple devices – free software is offered. Five days money back guarantee is available as well. The service allows one-month membership and twelve-month membership and it is wiser to choose the latter as you will save some money.

StrongVPN offers to its user’s software for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices. Therefore, it is so easy staying protected while working at home, in the office, travelling or using Wi-Fi free hotspots at hotels, airports, coffee shops, etc. This provider has budget-friendly pricing policy and offers complete online freedom.

It is very easy to order StrongVPN services – one only has to apply using the email address and perform payment procedure. Various payment options are available: credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin. After making payment user will receive a link to download the needed software and start using best protection ever.

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