How to Set Long Height Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook is the most popular social network across the web. Everyone want to show some uniqueness for their profile. This post help you to set long height profile picture for your Facebook profile.

Follow the simple steps to Create long height profile picture :

  • 1.Go to this website.
  • 2.Then click on Load Photo button if you want to load picture from your computer or click on Use Webcam to take a picture.
  • 3.Now Configure and Edit ur photo as you want.
  • 4.Click on Login to FB button to set this picture as your facebook profile
  • 5.Give your Username and Password to login into your facebook account, click on Allow button in the Permission and Request section.
  • 6.Now ur edited image will be set as profile picture.
  • 7.If you dont want this edited image as your profile picture for now then click on Download Pic button. This will download the picture in ur computer and you can set this image as profile picture manually whenever you want.

A longer Facebook photo profile can act like a banner. it will make visitor easier to remember you or your business. You can use this as your fan page photo profile creator for better branding purpose or just use it as your profile picture to amaze your friends.

Also you can add cool Facebook photo on your fan page or your profile page, it will make you or your service looks more professional and increase brand awareness.

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