Best iPhone Apps for the Workplace

Since the advent of smartphones, business owners and workers alike have been using smartphone and tablet applications, or iPhone apps, to create a more efficient system in a variety of ways.

iPhone Apps

From tracking progress or expenses on projects to managing emails over a variety of platforms, apps can be used in a multitude of ways not known to many people. Here is a list of some of the best apps for the workplace that are being used by employees around the nation.


While many people use this for much more than work purposes, this app is truly a brilliant addition to any workplace that needs to share information and documents with more than one person.

Dropbox allows users to input any information they want (in the form of a computer file), and upload it to a virtual drive that can be seen and accessed by other users. And don’t worry about anyone else getting their hands on it–employees must first be invited by the administrator before they can get access to any files on the drive.


Do you ever find yourself wishing that you had a comprehensive app that would keep notes, project ideas, timelines, and more, all in one convenient spot? That’s exactly what Evernote does: this excellent app organizes all of the pertinent information you need at work and puts it in one location.

Google Drive

This has become one of the most important apps for workplaces around the country. This is similar to Dropbox, in that it allows invited users to look at information placed on the drive by other individuals.

It is different, though, in that it gives users the ability to modify the documents in real time, allowing whole teams to work together from remote locations. This is the perfect application for groups of workers that are away from the office yet still wish to collaborate on a project or a document.


While this app is exclusively available for the iPad, it acts as one of the most effective brainstorming tools yet. iBrainstorm allows users to write down their ideas on sticky notes that are present on the screen of the iPad.

But you don’t have to stand up to share your idea–the Bluetooth connectivity function that is available with this app allows individuals to flick ideas onto the screens of others, making this brainstorming app a necessity for team projects in the workplace.

iA Writer

Also exclusively for the iPad, the iA reader makes reading documents quick and easy. This brilliant app can help readers focus on specific paragraphs by graying out other parts of the shared documents, and times the speed of an individual reader in order to gather an accurate calculation of their reading time.

It also keeps accurate word counts of a text, or even just specific parts of the text, and is a great app to be used by workplaces that focus heavily on text writing and editing.

Apps in the Workplace

With the creation of smart technologies, matching apps have been popping up that can make any workplace an efficient and functional station. Download these apps before you head into work next to share some ideas and finish everything quickly before the weekend.

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