Liquivid – A Revolutionary Video and Photo Editing App

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Liquivid is a revolutionary video and photo editing app that professionals around the world love to use. It provides you are seamless interface to edit your photos and videos without any hassles. Liquivid is specially made for people who don’t want to indulge in technicalities of editing yet want professional quality photos and videos.


The learning curve for the app is almost none and anyone can begin working on it immediately without having to go through any tedious walkthroughs. It is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems but we still have to wait for a mobile application.

Best Features of Liquivid

Liquivid is full of amazing features that will make the editing process extremely simple for you. The reason why it has become so popular is due to these few features that make the software worth every video and photography professional.


Video Stabilization

Videos are always prone to shaky footage, more if it is shot with a hand held camera. Thus, to optimize them and make the video look as if it was shot completely still, you can use Liquivid. Amateur videographers will find it difficult to shoot with stabilization at different scenarios but Liquivid comes to their rescue as it provides complete video stabilization.

Visual Effects

Visual effects play a great role in editing these days. The technology is advanced enough to create effects that didn’t exist naturally. With Liquivid, you will find many different kinds of visual effects so you can mix and match until you find a good combination worth finalizing.


Photos and videos can be ruined through fish eye effect. The only way to remove them is through defishing which Liquivid can conveniently manage. Such discrepancies happen mostly with the usage of action cameras and wide angle lenses. Alternatively, you can also remove lens distortion with the help of camera profiles in the software.

Remove Noise

Every professional must have experienced a scenario with low light conditions. In these cases, the noise levels increase significantly. Another reason for noise in photos and videos might be due to the high ISO settings. Liquivid is proficient enough to help you in removing the noise from your photos and videos.

Contrast Improvement

Contrast plays a huge role in how digital photography looks. With Liquivid, you can quickly change and make the contrast of the images and videos better. The editing tools of Liquivid are so good that even when you play with the contrast, it looks extremely natural.


If you want to create timelapses or shoot videos in low light conditions, flickering may happen which can ruin the complete experience. Liquivid offers you De-flickering through which you can easily remove the unnecessary flickers. This is also a great feature for those who mostly shoot or capture images in low light conditions.

Supports Multiple File Formats

Along with the most supported file formats, Liquivid also supports additional formats in both, pictures as well as videos. There is multiple numbers of files formats that are supported for input as well as output. This is great for professionals as they can easily create content without worrying about the file formats.

The Last Words

For amateurs and beginners in this field, Liquivid is the perfect software as it allows you to hit the ground running. You will also find rave reviews about the software from industry professionals and top rated tech magazines.

If you are still not convinced watch this magical transformation in the before/after videos edit by Liquivid on Vimeo. Start using this app and we bet that you won’t go back to any other software again to edit your photos and videos. You can get liquivid on the Mac App Store and liquivid on Steam.

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